You Can’t Make Up the Stuff That Happens In The Bolivarian Revolution

October 11, 2011

The Chavez Disney style doll that goes around Venezuela (still has hair), was on TV this morning and lo and behold the dolls pants fell down. You can watch the movie here, but this would make this blog XXX if I posted the whole grotesque incident. Reality is stranger than fiction in the revolution.

Only in the revolution!!!

49 Responses to “You Can’t Make Up the Stuff That Happens In The Bolivarian Revolution”

  1. Aesop Says:

    The Emperor’s new clothes, indeed.

  2. firepigette Says:

    Charles C,

    Some people are disagreeing and debating…others are bullying and showing off.

    I don’t know if it does any good or not, of course one would hope so.

    I feel your pain and also my own…. though I basically come here to feel the pulse and to get the news…

    All the best to you! And remember it does no good to encourage aggressive behavior.The blog will be a lot better without it…..We can talk about issues without disqualifying, which a few people here have been doing.

  3. CharlesC Says:

    In Venezuela as with anywhere-you either have to stay or leave.
    I am not there-but, I believe to be in a daze, zombied trance of life
    is a terrible thing.Senses benumbed- loss of sense of self,
    right and wrong doesn’t seem to matter.
    Very strange and sad-the answer is to wake up!
    Learn to feel, to taste the truth, look straight and begin to see the
    truth- beyond the lies. Again- you either stay or leave…

  4. loroferoz Says:

    Was it Laureano Marquez who said that really, satirists had a hard time with this government? Deadpan reporting of fact was weird enough!

    How can you exaggerate when you have professional hams 24/7? How do you ridicule people with no sense of… the ridiculous? How do you make self-conscious persons who simply don’t mind themselves? How do you shame folks who don’t have any sense of…?

    El Chiguire tries bravely even in front of this…

    …and the only thing you can come up is that the muñeco wants to be President instead of Chavez, and will beat him. Next we know, that happens.

  5. firepigette Says:

    Charles C,

    Do not ingratiate

    1. knowledge ( factual details) is Not the same as intelligence…anyone can copy and paste this stuff

    2. knowledge is often subjective believe it or not….there is such a thing as stretching a detail to fit into an emotional stance 🙂

    How many economists disagree on “facts”? How many historians disagree on on “facts’??

    and how many analysts reach opposite conclusions with the same set of facts ?

    • CharlesC Says:

      I kind of hope we “play school” here
      sort of like a all for one(- yet not group think)
      I really believe-contrary to what many may think
      that we re doing something good here -writing
      and even disagreeing and debating-
      Firepigette- I have no children -but I hope we are
      influencing people that influence children
      as Caprilles said today ” I believe there is a better
      path and we can find it for Venezuela” paraphrased.
      I like so much his emphasis of power in a positive,
      united way.
      If I die tonight-remember one thing- I feel a need to be
      with you and others here, and we want to give something
      to Venezuela that is weakening -love, understanding,
      caring, doing right, building for the future, cleaning up
      the present. A few generations of evil and you’r e doomed-
      no doubt about it. THis is what worries me when I see the gangs
      and drugs and crime, lawlessness-imagine the next and the next
      generation -it will become genetic. Maybe people like Chavez
      will be identified in the future and sterilized.

  6. JMA Says:

    El presidente Hugo Chávez afirmó el martes que los superhéroes de historietas como Superman y Batman han sido utilizados como medio de promoción de los Estados Unidos, y alabó la utilización de un muñeco alusivo a su persona que un joven creó en apoyo a la campaña electoral del mandatario.

    • CharlesC Says:

      Kim II sung -N. Korea-
      “established the most pervasive personality cult in history, characterized by deification” New World Encyclopedia.
      Chavez dreams of this-I am sure…

    • Syd Says:

      it never ceases to amaze me how narcissists and the like do everything they can to avoid accountability for their preposterous comments and actions, finding new manipulations to cover their tracks and to promote themselves.

      The muñeco was designed as an electoral ploy, now since Ch is not looking as strong as he did before.

      The allusions to superman and Batman are a pretext to aid the promotion of the Ch. electoral doll, and to keep spurring phony anti-imperialist sentiments..

      • CharlesC Says:

        I would like to see a practical joke on TV
        =the muneco is “acting out ” -on a TV show being filmed
        la muneca comes out and proceeds to beat the tar out
        of him and kicking him in the rear-that would be funny..
        Maybe have x -wife written on her shirt//

  7. anon Says:

    This dummy that has been creating endless merriment since yesterday, has been baptized the chavitubbie today on twitter.

    Larga vida al chavitubbie!

  8. Syd Says:

    My questions: Why is Abbas in Vzla? Surely he did not invite himself.

    • CharlesC Says:

      Do Palestinians (and Iranians) even need a Passport to visit
      Venezuela? You think Abbas signed a deal promoting tourism
      to Palestine with Venezuela? (Sorry, I am being sarcastic..)

      • CharlesC Says:

        O/T -but- You can’t make this stuff up!

        “1027 Palestinian prisoners swapped for 1 Jewish soldier.
        (Over 300 of the palestinians were serving life sentences…)”

    • Kepler Says:

      Abbas is not only going to Venezuela. In fact: I think that is one of the countries where he is at this stage least interested in being associated with.
      Why? Because of Palestine. He is looking for as many countries to support his bid. And the Israelis and above all the US in the name of the Israelis are pushing against that.

      • Syd Says:

        thx Kep. The israeli/palestine issue is much bigger than I can fully comprehend. So I learn little bits here and there.

  9. CharlesC Says:

    What does Venezuela get in this deal-more Hezbullah fighters
    -maybe a Hezbullah training base?
    How many Venezuelans can find Palestine on a map?
    Just how much political pull do moslems have in Venezuela
    these days?
    I suppose the Assembly will unanimously approve of it…

    • CharlesC Says:

      I know- Abbas is Hamas and they hate Hezbullah.
      Chavez loves them all. Shiite Sunni, terrorists, FARC-
      Mugabe, N. Korea-(Chavez supposedly has been trying
      for 4 years or more to arrange a visit to N. Korea-just
      dying to kiss Kim..)

      • Kepler Says:

        Charles, can you try to avoid opinionating when you haven’t got, to say it mildy, a single clue?
        Abbas is Fatah. Hamas and Fatah hate each other. Hamas is Israel’s right wet dream as it has enabled them to occupy, steal aware more and more…Hamas is doing what Jewish Irgun and many others were doing before the Jews got their state.

        Get yourself a book of history.
        I have read every book on the topic that was at the Israeli community library in Caracas. But I have also read the other versions. I have drawn my conclusions based on that and on extensive talks to both Jews and Palestinians and on people visiting both places.
        It’s quite different from what you get in Florida, man.

        • CharlesC Says:

          I agree you are an expert on the subject of
          Israel-Palestinian issue.Sorry for being sloppy.
          Question is-Why does Chavez involve in this?
          Question is-Who gives Chavez authority to donate
          a hospital to anyone? Esp. when more clinincs, medical
          equipment -etc. is needed in Venezuela..
          I agree you are a genius Mr. Kepler- I applaud you for
          your diligent study of so many subjects.
          Is this some dramatic overture just because Mr. Abbas
          came to visit-the evil, pschotic dictator Chavez?
          Also-would you call it another example of Chavez
          “grandstanding” before the media? Just a very expensive
          Concluding- does Chavez really,really care- or is he just
          exploiting the issue at the moment and everyone around him,
          again-this is my opinion. I suppose -thereis a reference somewher
          to this type of behavior-but anyway-how do you describe it?
          P.S. I don;t hate you. and I do know quite a lot about Israel-
          much less about Palestine..

        • CharlesC Says:

          Since you are quite the anthropologists-would you agree that
          many more moslems are immigrating into Venezuela -welcomed
          and assisted by Chavez-whereas Jewish?-well, you tell me-I am
          sure-some others besideyourself already know the answer.

          • CharlesC Says:

            anthropologist -by the way I am impressed
            with your knowledgeof different tribes.
            (I think I needed 3 courses or so to get a degree in Anthropology)
            but, again my knowledge pales in comparison to yours.

            • CharlesC Says:

              And, thanks so much for Venezuela and Europa-
              I love it. (I am most interested in Agriculture -believe it or not.)

              And I have saved many great nature photos and sent to friends
              from your blog. You really are one of the most incredible
              Venezuelans I have ever encountered.

    • GWEH Says:

      Charles, not really. The threat is not materializing. Mosques in Colombia and Venezuela are empty…they are loosing people. The ones that immigrated in the last century are it…no new immigration. Who the hell wants to immigrate to Venezuela land of opportunity and freedom?

  10. maria gonzalez Says:

    Just imagine Obama using tax money to promote himself at PBS or NPR but in the most ridiculous way…another sad day for Venezuela

  11. @AquiJodio57 Says:

    Coño, que cínico es este Sr. Presidente, construirá un Hospital en Palestina y los nuestros totalmente abandonados y otros en remodelaciones que duran mas de 3 años, y jamas terminan, el Hospital Vargas en Caracas es un ejemplo de esto.

    Damn, that cynic is this Mr. President, will build a hospital in Palestina, and our totally abandoned and others in renovations lasting more than 3 years, and never completed, the Vargas Hospital in Caracas is one example.

    • Kepler Says:

      That’s absolutely nuts. Now, how do we package that?
      We have to find out several regions in Venezuela with relatively high Chavista density and particularly disastrous health conditions. We distribute flyers there: Chávez prefers to build a hospital abroad, not here. For him, politics goes before YOU.

  12. Gerry Says:

    Ah, shit man, Its the little skinny legs that get you!!!!!!!!

  13. JMA Says:

    El Presidente de la República, Hugo Chávez, anunció este martes que la reunión con su homólogo de Palestina, Mahmud Abbas, fue fructífera y que llegaron a diferentes acuerdos bilaterales, uno de ellos consiste en realizar la construcción de:

    un hospital venezolano en … Palestina! Que Olassssssssss!!!!!!

  14. Anonymous Says:

    It seems to me that the “muñeco” is wearing red adult diapers. As you said, you just can’t make this sh*t up. Amazing!

  15. island canuck Says:

    We interrupt this hilarity for breaking news

    New bond issue:
    La emisión tendrá un cupón (intereses) de 11,75% anual pagadero semestralmente.

    Los bonos podrán ser adquiridos en moneda local, el bolívar, al tipo de cambio oficial de 4,30 por dólar y a un precio de 95% del valor del papel.

    Wow! that sounds like a hell of a deal.
    11.75% interest & bought at 95% of value at BsF.4,3.
    They must really be in financial trouble.

  16. Tuco Juan Pacifico Ramierez Says:

    makes me wonder if the news babe is gonna get sent to a Cuban work camp for laughing…… but seriously…when are you people gonna get rid of this buffoon?

  17. Roberto N Says:

    Solo en Revolucion se puede hacer esto, compañeros!!

  18. Charly Says:

    Que noticia! Todos ya sabemos que este carajo no tiene los pantalones bien puestos.

  19. ErneX Says:

    How can we tolerate this shit happening with our money on the state television is maddening. They are constantly doing campaign on the state TV with our taxes.

  20. A_Antonio Says:

    errata: “,the doll will run…”

    • Syd Says:

      Yeah, I understood you.

      On the other hand, if Ch. is really sick, he will have the runs. And I don’t want to be anywhere near him when that happens.

  21. chiguire Says:

    Tan patetico el muneco como el original

  22. A_Antonio Says:

    Do not laugh!, if something happens to Chavez, the doll bill run for the next election, and we have a doll president. I am very certain then Venezuelan will vote the doll.

  23. LuisF Says:

    El Rey esta desnudo!

  24. anon Says:

    Watch out! Personality cults promote severe brain rot.

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