Deputy Ramos Teams up With Alek Boyd to Ask Some Tough Questions

October 29, 2011

You have to be impressed with Deputy Carlos Ramos (pictured above), the Deputy that gave us the Fonden papers and made all of the information available to us. He has now teamed up with blogger Alek Boyd and has sent a letter with some tough questions to Gemalto, whose Mexican subsidiary has been subcontracted by the Cubans to provide some of the technology for the Venezuelan ID contract. Given that Gemalto is public, it is somewhat surprising that the information is not publicly available to shareholders.

But go to the source and read about it, le me not steal the thunder!

But kudos to the Deputy and Alek for this collaboration!

24 Responses to “Deputy Ramos Teams up With Alek Boyd to Ask Some Tough Questions”

  1. Syd Says:

    Often, news articles and opinions are formed, not just by using one issue, but more than one. To that effect, the cuban ‘intromisión’ in Venezuela’s sports arena, prior to and at Guadalajara, might also be referred to, as per So the letter of Deputy Ramos could be translated into Spanish and an opinion could be penned to discuss the Cuban issue – sports and IDs – prior to submission to, say, Mexican journalism sources.

  2. firepigette Says:

    Some people are totally manic depressive in the way they express themselves.One day expressing the vilest hatreds,then the next day congratulating 🙂 What a waste of time and how eerie.O.o ; o.O

    On the other hand, kudos to Alek.This is just one more example of the kind of fight Alek has been successfully waging in order to expose Chavismo for what it is.

    • Syd Says:

      What eerie sales job you do on Halloween, FP!

      Could you be less vague about your “totally manic drepressive” label? I don’t see its relevance to the post. Thank you.

      • NicaCat56 Says:

        Hey, Syd? Umm, you need to take a time out or something like that. I mean, I truly do agree with you on many of your thoughts and opinions, but I really think that you’re going too far here with FP. Just sayin’

  3. megaescualidus Says:

    Among many other things that have been said about HC, “vende patria” is one that keeps coming back over and over. In my mind, he should go down in the history books not only as a dictator, head of a government whose levels of corruption dwarfed those of “la 4ta”, etc., etc., but almost as importantly, one of the foremost “vende patrias” that has held public office in Venezuela.

    • captainccs Says:

      megaescualidus, we are now a colony, HC sold us to Cuba. If he had had half a brain he would at least have sold us to superpower, like the Puerto Ricans sold themselves to Uncle Sam and have tons of benefits. No, Hugo had to sell us to that “shitty little country” Cuba (favorite French foreign office expression for little countries they don’t like) which has nothing that can benefit us, no DisneyLand, no Ray-Ban spectacles, no nothing, just “jineteras” at the Malecón. We have enough of those right here.

      This must qualify as the crappiest deal of the millennium! Only an incompetent military man could get us such a crappy deal. “Vende Patria” es poco. Vende Patria incompetente to boot.

  4. Kepler Says:


    May I suggest to send the letters – again – with a next line
    “copy is being sent to CNN Spanish, El País, El Mundo…El Universal (Vzla)”
    Those letters can be an email, the only registered thingie one needs is the letter to the Mexicans.
    They need to know a lot of other people – organisations – know.

  5. Roy Says:

    Anyone here holding their breath waiting for answers to this letter?

  6. m_astera Says:

    I assume this is what the cedula and passport trailers in the mall parking lots are about. You are going to let the Cubans issue your passports and cedulas? In a real country, the Cubanos would be running for their lives, just for having the nerve to suggest such a thing.
    This is really sick stuff.

  7. CharlesC Says:

    One example-of a lack of balance by Chavez.
    No regulations or fairness about the granting of contract.
    No oversight. And,as usual with Chavez, no accountability.
    And, surprise someone asks questions -this time.
    As Syd mentioned “We need more.” We need an army
    of questioners, and we NEED a free press.

  8. Alek Boyd Says:

    Both speak English. Gemalto being a multinational company, I believe it is appropriate to communicate with them in English.

    • Syd Says:

      But the translated letter, say in French, can be dangled to the press once the issue forms a story that’s as ripe as smelly cheese.

  9. Alek Boyd Says:

    Thanks for linking and giving more coverage to this issue Miguel.

    Could we turn this into a team effort? Could Devil’s readers in France print the letter, send it via recorded mail to Gemalto’s HQ in France (Gemalto SA 6, rue de la Verrerie – 92190 Meudon – France) for the attention of Isabelle Marrand, and send me a scan of recorded delivery receipt?

    Could Devil’s readers in Brazil print the letter, send it via recorded mail to Gemalto in Brazil (Edifício Torre Nações Unidas. Av. das Nações Unidas 12495, 8o. Andar 04578-000 – São Paulo – SP) for the attention of Ernesto Haikewitsch, and send me proof of delivery?

    Said information will, of course, be shared immediately with Deputy Ramos, to help in his ongoing investigation into this matter.

  10. Kepler Says:

    Congrats to Carlos and Alek.

  11. chiguire Says:

    Dale pa’lante Chico (Alex)

  12. Syd Says:

    We need more inciveness that goes beyond the talk. Much more.
    We need more Carlos Ramoses.
    Congratulations Deputy and many thanks to Alek Boyd for helping to circulate the information.

  13. Jose L Marcos Says:

    This is very easy to understand.The Blank Passport Booklet is being manufactured at Casa de la Moneda, a security printing operation that belongs to the Central Bank. However the security/data page made of Polycarbonate with the imbeded chip is being supplied by a Cuban company.All the encription and security is supplied by this Cuban company. Polycarbonate pages are not manufactured in Cuba.

    Personalization of the Passport (ie. input of personal data) is being done by this Cuban company.

    Now they have been awarded a nice contract to issue National ID’s (cedulas).Of course Cuba does not have the technology, they are intermediaries with a substancial cut for their services.

    All the security for our ID’s is in the hands of the Cubans.

    And of course all the data also.

    • deananash Says:

      It’s not just that they don’t have the technology, that’s almost irrelevant. Much more important is the software inside. The ability to wirelessly read (and change) information embedded on a chip is already being used around the world. To say nothing of tracking.

      The Cubans aren’t stupid….they know which side their bread is buttered on.

      • Kepler Says:

        They definitely aren’t.
        You really don’t need to be a genious to know what to do with all that data.
        Just cross information of VAT (purchases, something no other country does, as far as I know) with the CNE information with Cantv information…you don’t need to develop the software, you just get it delivered from one of many international companies…and you are a Cuban who knows your system collapses if you don’t use all that information for what is obvious.

  14. captainccs Says:

    ¡Hay que ser valiente! Good show!

  15. marc in calgary Says:

    … more Kudos Alek.

  16. Carolina Says:

    I really like this guy!!!!
    Kudos Alek! Looking forward to the reponse from Gemalto.

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