Long Lines in The Afternoon In Caracas To Vote In Opposition Primary

February 12, 2012

Lots of people sending pictures, I hope I identified them correctly, mostly Caracas:

Colegio Schontal

Don Bosco, 3 PM:



Nueva Esparta Uniersity

Santo Tomas de Villanueva

Mater Salvatoris:

2 Responses to “Long Lines in The Afternoon In Caracas To Vote In Opposition Primary”

  1. Reblogged this on Adalberto de Queiroz and commented:
    Rezemos pelos irmãos latino-americanos, mas sobretudo pelo Venezuelanos. As “veias abertas” da Pobre América agora em mãos de ditadores escondidos atrás de partidos “socializantes”, são na verdade o excremento prático do “Fórum de São Paulo” e não há uma voz senão a do professor Olavo de Carvalho, a denunciar a “degradação republicana” que estão operando no nosso continente.

  2. ximena saizar Says:

    tomorrow or later on,. we willl see chavez saying that the voting process was a farse, this and that…or the Cubans will advice him to say…well, well., yes some of the voters when and voted, many of them where sent by us, the psuv in order to spy on what the imperialist were doing and planning… or some bull like that…the facts are….We the voters are telling you….we are tired, really tired of your lies, deceipts, fake promises, the giving away of our oil income, the corruption of your goverment, that you are like Atila, and have shi…in the country….and this is not all….in a few months we, will vote you out of the presidency, and we are going to take you to court, and hope to see that you and your group pay for all that has been done against the laws of the republic

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