Turnout At Opposition Primary Appears To Be Truly Above Expectations

February 12, 2012

So far, all information from good sources says that turnout is at the very top of the expected range, with more than 2.0 million votes in the bag already and numbers nobody thought possible within reach. If this is true, someone is going to have an upset stomach for days in Miraflores.

13 Responses to “Turnout At Opposition Primary Appears To Be Truly Above Expectations”

  1. geha714 Says:

    Quico & JC have called the race. I won’t spoil it for you.

  2. Bob Taylor Says:

    Walked all around Porlamar today. No one knew where to vote! There were no signs anywhere and no one in the streets knew where to go ..I thought I had the wrong day !
    So a large turnout to vote for the next president ! Good News !

  3. Jsb Says:

    Cool, what time might there be a speech by the nominee?

  4. geha714 Says:

    Looks like Chavez won’t Wang Chung tonight.

  5. la_roche Says:

    Spells very good news for @hcapriles who I ended-up voting for despite my essential “Zuliano” identity. I think Pablo will overwhelm Zulia state with 500,000+ votes but I cannot imagine that is enough to get him across the finish line if other regions voted massively.

  6. GeronL Says:

    It sounds like some really good news coming from Venezuela.

  7. Bruni Says:

    This is truly exciting, and that despite the explicit threat of Chávez to PSUV supporters…which was a veiled threat to public servants. Really good news!

  8. kernel_panic Says:

    I’m feeling like betting

    My guess: we’re going all the way up to 2,8 million voters 🙂

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