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Chavez Ends Unofficial Visit to Venezuela

April 7, 2012

President Hugo Chavez announced that he will end the unofficial visit to Venezuela tonight, when he will return to the new center of power for the country in Cuba. Apparently Chavez only came back to plead for his life with the Christ figure in his hometown of Barinas, his favorite one.

Chavez’ tone was a different one this week. He seems to be in the bargaining or depression stage, past the anger and denial of the earlier times. For those who still think this is an act, the length of Chavez’ speech is the giveaway, clearly he no longer has the energy that he used to, limits his time. I also think he was ranting and rambling more than usual, but that is very hard to measure. Mixing religion, Che Guevara, Bolivar and Darwin in the few minutes he spoke was a little bit of a stretch. Asking for Christ’s help, while criticizing the church seemed to be a little off too.

What is clear is that something must have happened while he was under treatment in Cuba. Whether the rumors that he is seeking advise elsewhere are true or not, this was a humbler Chavez, less arrogant and more pessimistic.The closeness to Christ, his favorite religious figure, increases all the time.

I wonder if we will ever know the details of what went on behind the scenes during all this time..