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The Aponte^2 Interview: Direct From The Cesspool Of The Revolution

April 19, 2012

Let’s see: a former Military Prosecutor, who becomes a Venezuelan Supreme Court Justice, revolutionary at that, placidly goes on TV and reveals that he has the ethics and morals of a Pleistocenic insect, tell us that he is being accused wrongly and impeached and thus he needed to leave the country and “clear his head”. He complains that nobody “defended” him, on either side. He tells us that the man accused of being a drug capo, Walter Makled, was a “”Gran Señor” in his town of Valencia. And he does not recall whether he gave Señor Makled an ID saying that he was an Inspector for the Military Prosecutor’s office, because he just signed so many of them for his friends, for other Prosecutors, for the buddies of military officers. And he wants to clean his name and his reputation.

-Can a bath in hydrochloric acid “clean” this guy’s reputation? Can his name, covered with grime, be mentioned in any positive fashion?

He then says he was a prominent member of the judicial power and he was asked to manipulate justice. (We knew that). He says Chavez called (No surprise there, even if the case was not that relevant) and asked that he “manipulate” the case. He got “an infinite” number of calls from the General Prosecutor to do things the way she wanted, including the infamous Mazuco case, in which a false witness was found to say that Mazuco killed someone. But the only times he shows some emotion (not much) is when he talks about being betrayed. That seems to be his main anger, not that he was part of the cesspool of the revolution, but that he was kicked out of it. The guy even says that they wanted to obliterate his “prestige”.

-What the hell is this guy talking about. What egg roll or drug does he regularly smoke? His “prestige”, gimme a break!

And the President of the Supreme Court would call him to twist Justice. And he says that they surely blackmailed bankers, but shows no proof, he just thinks so. But every Friday morning, at the Vice-President’s office there is a meeting, he went sometimes, between the President of the Supreme Court, the Attorney General and the General Prosecutor and police heads, where the orders for how Justice will be implemented this week are given. case by case, according to the “politics” of each case. He then tells us about his CV, but it appears CV for him means “loyal” to the revolution and the Government, read loyal to Hugo Chavez.

-Strange concept of having a good CV, a “neat” or a “clean” trajectory. No?

We are then told about how drugs went to military facilities and he knew about it. Someone from the President’s office called him to intervene in a case. Minister  Baduell also called, Minister Rangel Silva, General Carvajal. A stellar parade of revolutionary military leaders, past and present ones, all educated at the highest levels of our military. All of them knew that the drugs were kept in the military facility for “protection”. Nothing extraordinary there. That was the only “drug” related case in which he intervened. The case ended there, it was closed. His “only” drug case.

-Only? To me that alone is a CV that says I want nothing to do with Aponte^2.

He then tells us that the Director of the Anti-Drug office is the drug czar in Venezuela, together with General Alcala. He has no proof, but he says it is. Oh yeah, he was told not to touch the FARC. Minor factoid. He then tells us he manipulated the case of General Uson, who was jailed for five years. He got order to do it. If he did not obey, he was out. There goes that CV! Same with Baduel’s case. But hey, he says he is innocent in the Makled case, no remorse on other things, except he was unfairly charged. And yes! if it is to “clean” his name, he would testify.

-This guy has no understanding of his moral and ethical responsibility for what he has done. the only thing he cares about is that he was accused and impeached. Can one even believe all he says?

And now he may write his memoirs! This guy is truly a piece of cake. Who wants to read his “Memoirs”? Finally, at the end, he admits some culpability. He says the whole judicial system is contaminated. All decisions are “consulted” with the Government. But now he wants to fight for Justice and sends messages to Venezuelans about Justice and the future.

This is a glimpse into the cesspool of the Bolivarian revolution. This is a military officer, corrupt and unethical at heart. Who appears to be only mad at the fact that he was impeached.Who shows little remorse for what he did. Who still thinks he has a trajectory or a career to show or be proud of. If this is the military officer that got to the be Military Prosecutor and Supreme Court Justice, imagine the lower ranks! Imagine those with less Education!

This is what Chavez and his cronies have created. This guy should be tried some day in Venezuela for what he did to others. For how he violated the law. For being a traitor to the oath of his offices. This guy shows us why the easy part in the reconstruction of the country will be the economic one. The tough part will be the reeducation of a country filled with people in important and less important positions with this type of mentality. The tough part will be weeding out characters like Aponte^2, most of which will start crying “foul” when a new administration wants to get rid of them.

With moral values like Aponte^2, the task at hand may not only be very difficult. It may simply be impossible.