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Friday Evening Musings about Venezuela After a Long Day

April 20, 2012

1) News Item:  El Assiami  presents proof that there are links between Makled and Aponte^2:

The Devil presents proof that there is also a link between Adan Chavez and Aponte^2:

What’s stronger link, an envelope you write to someone or a book you dedicate to someone, or a ceremony you hold as Governor to honor a buddy.

You be the judge. (Pun intended)

2) El Assiami: DEA helped the escape of Aponte^2

The Devil: Aponte did not escape. Like so many other Chavistas, he was removed but not accused. It’s how they work, they get rid of them, but never accuse them of corruption, they just let them be. So many cases, Antonini, Illararamendi, Duran, Casas de Bolsa. Where are they now…

Except they went quietly, not like the dishonourable Judge.

3) Finally, the Devil would like to note: Today we had the best or second best daily rally in Venezuela and PDVSA bonds that the Devil has seen in his life. I find it hard to believe that this was coincidental. Within an hour, at around 10:30 AM,¬† PDVSA bonds went up 5-6% this morning, while Venezuela’s bonds went up like 2.5 to 3%. Since Chavistas are just as good as regular Venezuelans in using privileged information, I can’t help but wonder if something dramatic is afoot. I may be wrong, but if I am right, my prediction of the demise before my birthday, which is in nine days, is doable. We shall see…