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Chavez Not Going To Cartagena?

April 13, 2012

After giving all indications that he would be there for the Summit, however briefly, President Chavez himself said today that he may not go¬† due to “his medical leave”, something that is not new. This is a clear indication that the condition of the Venezuelan President has not improved and the opinion of the medical Doctors is finally prevailing for his own good.

This confirms the latest Bocaranda information that says that the Venezuelan President is not getting any better and that traveling is damaging his health. Meanwhile the country plods along without anybody running it and infighting within Chavismo to see who will replace Chavez.

This admission by Chavez proves that he can’t run the country and the conditions given by the Venezuelan Constitution to temporarily replace him are currently present. But Chavez does not dare give up his post for fears that he will never come back to it.

He did not participate in the celebration of the ten years of the 2002 events and now he can’t go to Cartagena, where he wanted to be seen once more as one of the leaders of Latin America.

Clearly, Chavez is not well, he wanted to be the center of attention once more. But he will not be able to.

Is today a tuning point in the whole story?