The Aponte^2 Interview: Direct From The Cesspool Of The Revolution

April 19, 2012

Let’s see: a former Military Prosecutor, who becomes a Venezuelan Supreme Court Justice, revolutionary at that, placidly goes on TV and reveals that he has the ethics and morals of a Pleistocenic insect, tell us that he is being accused wrongly and impeached and thus he needed to leave the country and “clear his head”. He complains that nobody “defended” him, on either side. He tells us that the man accused of being a drug capo, Walter Makled, was a “”Gran Señor” in his town of Valencia. And he does not recall whether he gave Señor Makled an ID saying that he was an Inspector for the Military Prosecutor’s office, because he just signed so many of them for his friends, for other Prosecutors, for the buddies of military officers. And he wants to clean his name and his reputation.

-Can a bath in hydrochloric acid “clean” this guy’s reputation? Can his name, covered with grime, be mentioned in any positive fashion?

He then says he was a prominent member of the judicial power and he was asked to manipulate justice. (We knew that). He says Chavez called (No surprise there, even if the case was not that relevant) and asked that he “manipulate” the case. He got “an infinite” number of calls from the General Prosecutor to do things the way she wanted, including the infamous Mazuco case, in which a false witness was found to say that Mazuco killed someone. But the only times he shows some emotion (not much) is when he talks about being betrayed. That seems to be his main anger, not that he was part of the cesspool of the revolution, but that he was kicked out of it. The guy even says that they wanted to obliterate his “prestige”.

-What the hell is this guy talking about. What egg roll or drug does he regularly smoke? His “prestige”, gimme a break!

And the President of the Supreme Court would call him to twist Justice. And he says that they surely blackmailed bankers, but shows no proof, he just thinks so. But every Friday morning, at the Vice-President’s office there is a meeting, he went sometimes, between the President of the Supreme Court, the Attorney General and the General Prosecutor and police heads, where the orders for how Justice will be implemented this week are given. case by case, according to the “politics” of each case. He then tells us about his CV, but it appears CV for him means “loyal” to the revolution and the Government, read loyal to Hugo Chavez.

-Strange concept of having a good CV, a “neat” or a “clean” trajectory. No?

We are then told about how drugs went to military facilities and he knew about it. Someone from the President’s office called him to intervene in a case. Minister  Baduell also called, Minister Rangel Silva, General Carvajal. A stellar parade of revolutionary military leaders, past and present ones, all educated at the highest levels of our military. All of them knew that the drugs were kept in the military facility for “protection”. Nothing extraordinary there. That was the only “drug” related case in which he intervened. The case ended there, it was closed. His “only” drug case.

-Only? To me that alone is a CV that says I want nothing to do with Aponte^2.

He then tells us that the Director of the Anti-Drug office is the drug czar in Venezuela, together with General Alcala. He has no proof, but he says it is. Oh yeah, he was told not to touch the FARC. Minor factoid. He then tells us he manipulated the case of General Uson, who was jailed for five years. He got order to do it. If he did not obey, he was out. There goes that CV! Same with Baduel’s case. But hey, he says he is innocent in the Makled case, no remorse on other things, except he was unfairly charged. And yes! if it is to “clean” his name, he would testify.

-This guy has no understanding of his moral and ethical responsibility for what he has done. the only thing he cares about is that he was accused and impeached. Can one even believe all he says?

And now he may write his memoirs! This guy is truly a piece of cake. Who wants to read his “Memoirs”? Finally, at the end, he admits some culpability. He says the whole judicial system is contaminated. All decisions are “consulted” with the Government. But now he wants to fight for Justice and sends messages to Venezuelans about Justice and the future.

This is a glimpse into the cesspool of the Bolivarian revolution. This is a military officer, corrupt and unethical at heart. Who appears to be only mad at the fact that he was impeached.Who shows little remorse for what he did. Who still thinks he has a trajectory or a career to show or be proud of. If this is the military officer that got to the be Military Prosecutor and Supreme Court Justice, imagine the lower ranks! Imagine those with less Education!

This is what Chavez and his cronies have created. This guy should be tried some day in Venezuela for what he did to others. For how he violated the law. For being a traitor to the oath of his offices. This guy shows us why the easy part in the reconstruction of the country will be the economic one. The tough part will be the reeducation of a country filled with people in important and less important positions with this type of mentality. The tough part will be weeding out characters like Aponte^2, most of which will start crying “foul” when a new administration wants to get rid of them.

With moral values like Aponte^2, the task at hand may not only be very difficult. It may simply be impossible.

79 Responses to “The Aponte^2 Interview: Direct From The Cesspool Of The Revolution”

  1. guilherme rainier Says:

    Que pasa hombre? Hugo Chavez is probably dying, even though he could take a long time, even years, to do so. Why are you not complaining about the lack of transparency on this? The people of Venezuela, or of any country, have the RIGHT to know the truth about the health of their President. Once you become a public figure you have to accept that matters that affect your health are no longer private. Frequent and preferably DAILY comment on this, should be made by any free Venezuelan communications media, such as yours as it is clearly very important for people to KNOW all facts available, but you simply ignore the matter. WHY?

  2. doris Says:

    Today’s chuckle –
    RT @dbetancourt_: Aponte Aponte preocupado por medida de congelación de cuentas. Ya no podrá usar cestatickets que tenía acumulados.

    Roughly translated – Aponte’s worried about his frozen accounts, and won’t be able to use the foodstamps that he still has

  3. Kepler Says:

    The Moreno I indicated above is not that one, too young, apparently.


    I checked out Twitter and Hugo’s account has been active on 19. and 20 April. I have reasons to believe Hugo does use that account. The only strange thing is he wrote “feliz” with a misspelling (he added a tilde) and I think he didn’t do that before.

  4. moctavio Says:

    My prediction may be very close to reality….

    • syd Says:

      yes. I thought you were being premature. Not a peep on April 19th is big, very big.

    • doris Says:

      ‘With moral values like Aponte^2, the task at hand may not only be very difficult. It may simply be impossible.’
      Let’s be positive.
      Because if you are right, we will get a pinochet or fujimemori in our future

  5. Kepler Says:

    Is this the general who was murdered?

    Cédula: V-7943846
    Estado: EDO. MIRANDA
    Municipio: MP. BARUTA
    Parroquia: PQ. LAS MINAS DE BARUTA

  6. CharlesC Says:

    April 22, 2012 Earth Day (42nd anniversary)
    over “1 billion people now participate in Earth Day activities each year, making it the largest civic observance in the world.”

  7. CharlesC Says:

    Just got a big screen-new monitor!

  8. CharlesC Says:

    I was wondering why it is so quite around here April 20 is sort of
    unofficial “Pot smokers holiday”
    Anyway- where were we? Aponte^2 -replied to the question “Why did you do
    xyz?” -by saying ” I believed in the revolutionary process” – What kind of
    bs is that. C’mon. man. You went to law school. I would like to ask Aponte^2 a follow-up-Do you believe taking drugs is good for your health? Or, letting someone get away with murder because they have important friends and ‘he’s really a nice guy”- yeah, that is revolutionary justice I believe in!!
    Later Aponte^2 said–I guess correcting himself-that “they would have
    fired me”- Again, dumb and dumber. This one lesson should be distributed
    to all chavistas who are caught up in this type of situations and feel this way-
    “Quit. Get out, now.” THis is the message the “opposition” should
    advertize. And, this message should be distributed to all newspapers and
    everyone in the Venezuelan military and Venezuelan government.

    Now, go back to enjoying your freakin’ holiday. Sorry to interrupt…

    • doris Says:

      CharlesC – You’re right – “Quit. Get out, now.”
      But telling it to the people getting the freebies ?
      They are given manna from heaven …. they feel entitled.
      My guess they will fight tooth and nail to keep goodies coming their way.
      Which is why fair elections will never happen.

  9. CharlesC Says:

    Something I thought about before “circles within circles” when the “bolivarian circles were started” (-Compare to SS and the Nazi party -for example).
    Of course, chavistas don’t want to just be chavistas-they want to be a part of the “inner circle”- and so across the country there are many-quasi-elite subcultures of chavistas=who think they are somebody special and have connections to get freebees and things done-and they do.
    How many fanaticos are “out there”? Chavez has followers who would become terrorists-and Chavez encourages them to and at the same time Chavez and his parrot team portray the opposition as desperate and plotting terrorist acts…
    Aponte^2 – literally hard to keep him contained within a circle -ha.
    (Can’t find a circle big enough to contain him-ha)Too big to be a part of
    the “inner circle” for sure- ha.
    Seriously- it is quite interesting about the “circles”-and can’t it be documented
    about -for example -those weekly meetings in the VP’s offfice?Can that be
    somewhat verified?
    Aponte^2 needs a dog-a Shih tzu, maybe?

  10. island canuck Says:

    It pretty well looks like the upper echelon has written Chavez off. The other day Juau was telling people that without Chavez they would have to try even harder.

    Now someone called Bocaranda to tell him that the successor to Chavez would be a military person – not civilian. You can see the story here:

    The end is coming very fast.

  11. metodex Says:

    These are tempestuous times.
    Dead generals,talking birds and a dying god.

    I agree, someone who’s capable and willing should research a bit on those 2 generals that are dead now, mnaybe find a connection to Cliver Alcala and that other czar, or maybe to Aponte(x2).

    Miguel,i keep loving these threads about non-economic matters, you hit the nail right in the head every timeñ.

  12. Dr. Faustus Says:

    Ah, does anyone have any idea when Chavez is suppose to be back in Venezuela? This weekend? Monday?

    Is it possible that Runrunes is right and that they’ve given-up on radiation therapy on Chavez and it’s all downhill from here?

    There is so much going-on right now concerning the future of Venezuela, yet it appears that everything is earily quiet. The calm before the storm? And what a storm it’s going to be!

    • syd Says:

      I was wondering that, too. With two generals killed, an escaped canary now in the hands of the DEA, and Chavez sputtering in Cuba, will he ever return to Vzla — alive?

      The water is boiling.

      • island canuck Says:

        He was supposed to return for some event on Sunday however Diosdado has announced that he now will return “sometime” next week.

        Alberto Ravell ‏ @AlbertoRavell
        Diosdado anuncio que el Presidente regresara”la proxima semana”.

        • LD Says:

          It is on the expected time for 2x 5 day sessions and a couple of days in between. Interesting is the lack of phone calls.

  13. firepigette Says:

    Miguel, good post :

    “The tough part will be the reeducation of a country filled with people in important and less important positions with this type of mentality”

    Yes and not only that but also the millions who do not have any sort of official position, but who do not stand up for justice – People who are content to let things slide.The too are part of the problem.

    The mentality that allows this is present in every moment of everyday as part of a Gestalt.Until people stop projecting the blame onto others and start assuming their small part in what has/is happened/ orhappening, I see little hope for the situation.

    The authoritarian mentality is present everytime people give up their personal ideas to the agenda of a group, everytime we watch on while a bully gets his way, and everytime we parrot an ideology instead of creating our own views, and everytime we put rules, habits, and customs over common sense and decency.

    Chavez and those who follow his orders are bullies.Bullies are basically cowards.Stand up to them, and they will eventually lose their power.Stay quiet and accept the status quo and their power grows.

    Re-education? In my opinion this would be about teaching teachers to value critical thinking as opposed to a dependence on rote learning.

  14. John Barnard Says:

    It’s interesting that the PSF press in Merida hasn’t gotten their talking points yet, no comment on Aponte Aponte.

  15. Roy Says:

    In order to play the game at his level, it was necessary for him to suspend his rationality and morality (assuming he had any to begin with). This toad (however repulsive) is the logical result of the policies of this government. Any person exercising their own morality and complying with the responsibilities of their oath of office could not survive in the system. Ask Judge Affuni, if you don’t believe that statement.

    In his mind, he played the game by the set of rules he was given. And now, he is pissed off because it came back to bite him in the ass. Too bad. So sad…

  16. Kepler Says:

    Does anyone know anything about that general who got killed now? I did a quick search and just found his video in support of the caudillo, from 2002.

    • island canuck Says:

      From ND:
      “Moreno fue subdirector de la Dirección de Inteligencia Militar (DIM) y comandante de la Guarnición de Mérida. Durante los hechos de abril de 2002 apoyó al presidente Hugo Chávez (ver video abajo). En el 2008 fue precandidto del Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela a la gobernación de Mérida.”

    • VIP noche Says:

      I heard that someone knocked at his door and asked are you____?
      And he said yes, and he was shot 7 times after that…

      • moctavio Says:

        Second high ranking Chavista that gets shot and not much is said. The former Governor of Apure, Aguilarte, also a former military officer, was shot, his leg was amputated and died last month.

  17. Ira Says:

    Can I go totally off-topic here? This site doesn’t have an open forum…and I’m sure that’s for good reason. (Miguel has ENOUGH to do!) Here’s the deal:

    My wife’s cousin lives in San Antonio, Los Teques, and her daughter lives in Spain. (Her VZ company transferred her there a few years ago.) Anyway, she’s going to visit and stay with the daugher for 3 months–and CADIVI will only allow her to exchange for 400 Euros.


    Is that possible? Only 500 plus bucks U.S.? How the hell does someone travel on that kind of money?

    So what do people do? Exchange on the black market, or smuggle Bs out and exchange them in their destination country?

    I’m no economist, but this blows me away.

    • island canuck Says:

      She gets 400 Euros cash & can use her credit card for up to US$2500 (@Bs.4,3) or the equivalent in Euros as long as she gets her approval from Cadivi ahead of time. It has nothing to do with being Chavista or not – it applies to every one and is a fairly easy process.

  18. island canuck Says:

    Again early this morning the internet is full of rumours probably pushed by the non appearance of Chavez yesterday.

    There are reports of tank movements, soldiers being held in their barracks & then the assassination last night in Anzoátegui of General Wilmer Moreno, the former sub director of Military Intelligence (DIM) and a Chavez collaborator.

    I won’t repeat unfounded rumours however if you read Spanish have a look at the forum comments on ND. Could be an interesting morning.

  19. Juan TT Says:

    Well the worst part is the twisted concept of moral that this guy displayed, is like… he still seems to have a hard time to grasp what was wrong in everything he did.

    Now like this guy, the government is filled with the same people that pledge allegiance to “Revolution”, that no matter how or why, they screw and destroy other people’s life for a living, just because they don’t agrees with them or their wrongfully politics.

  20. juan pueblo Says:

    should 🙂

  21. juan pueblo Says:

    he hould be hanged

  22. juan pueblo Says:

    -Can a bath in hydrochloric acid “clean” this guy’s reputation? Can his name, covered with grime, be mentioned in any positive fashion?

    mmmm it does not matter probably he has sooooo much money now that his family will enjoy for generations!!

    • Juan TT Says:

      I don’t know maybe DEA will let him keep his money if he help them mount a solid case with solid evidence to prosecute these drug lords.

  23. doris Says:

    Sadly, the poor TERRORIZED man called Aponte*Aponte had to leave Venezuela due to the insecurity that the city of Caracas suffers from…
    In yesterday’s interview, and as a loose translation, the following was said… were threatened in Vzla, fear for your secutity?
    A.In Vzla yes. Q. How so? … … … …
    My heart goes out to this poor fellow, and his colleagues, if someday they lose the perks of bulletproof cars and of bodyguards safeguarding them from the wrath of the common delinquent 😛

  24. maria gonzalez Says:

    Miguel,thank you very much for such a great article….
    I was so sad when I read the article. How can we improve the moral expectation of any Venezuela citizens after listening to Aponte^2 justify his actions? Today my sadness was greater watching the long list of “chavistas” trying to involve Aponte ^2 with the opposition. As part of the goverment, If Aponte is not telling the truth they sure would have some proofs demonstrating but not…every word out of their mouths just said “we are guilty”. If only most of Venezuelans could read between the lines!

    • CharlesC Says:

      Wasn’t that incredible. First, Maduro, then Aissami.Shamelessly
      standing in front of the whole world spouting lies just like their
      zombie master, Chavez.
      Who’s next?

      • CharlesC Says:

        El primer vicepresidente de la Asamblea Nacional, Aristóbulo Istúriz –
        I have called this Isturiz names before -like “clown”-I have always thought
        tht for a guy that is supposed to be educated -he is an idiot and he acts like a joke all of the time. I believe he wakes up every day thinking he’s a genius and goes out and confirms again every day what a fool he is…

  25. doris Says:

    and you guys still believe in fair elections?

  26. Juan Cristóbal Nagel Says:

    Miguel, I bet you’re glad you got all that off your chest! 100% in agreement with you, couldn’t have said it better. Outrageous.

  27. Ira Says:

    I don’t think any of this affects the credibility of his testimony in the U.S. though, correct?

    • moctavio Says:

      Well, it is all just his testimony, unless he corroborates something the US authorities have, or he has some form of documental evidence, his interview is quite inconsistent, he keeps saying he is clean and telling about these crimes.

  28. moctavio Says:

    I believe Aponte Aponte was retired. Any lawyer can be named to the Supreme Court if he/she has the requirements.

  29. Bruni Says:

    When was the law changed so that a military judge could be assigned to the Supreme Court?

  30. jak kennedy Says:

    Not a single surprise in any of this, sadly. The rojo idiots will never except the cleanup that would be needed to fix this and I think there will be a civil war eventually. Hugo has destroyed Venezuela, maybe not today but very soon. Like the Castro’s, Hugo has spouted ideologies but failed to permanently deliver anything lasting. Most of the people of Venezuela deserve what they’ll end up with and the others sadly will have to except it.

  31. […] Miguel Octavio también lo sorprendió la esquizofrenia que revela Aponte Aponte en la entrevista que le hizo Soi TV. Y atajó detalles […]

  32. Jeffry house Says:

    Every Gotti gets his Gravano.

  33. Isbelia Martin Says:

    For a military mind having obeyed orders is enough to consider himself a good soldier, which is sufficient to gain heaven itself. It is some other matter whether those orders are unethical or unjust, military discipline strips off soldiers’ brains of that part that judges evil or fairness.

  34. island canuck Says:

    Miguel, well written.

    I could feel in your words the anger & frustration that I too felt while watching this piece of crap trying to defend himself.

    You are absolutely right in that he doesn’t even really realize how stupid he sounds. He believes or believed in the process of raping & pillaging his country.

    Now the other sycophants are coming out trying to defend or minimize what he said. The country is really in trouble. I have a feeling that Globovision will be in more hot water for broadcasting the show. Already threats are flying.

    I hope that the end comes sooner than later. I fully expect a period of chaos when the change comes. It will be bloody however should be short lived. These people are incapable of holding the country together once his bloated highness is no longer here.

  35. syd Says:

    P.S. Really good post, Miguel. Thank you.

    • CharlesC Says:

      What a good cowboy! Miguel gets on his horse and rounds up strays and gets them all in the corral, clipped and dipped and dehorned and all, makes it look easy! What a ranchero!!¡Le amamos, Miguel!

      The “Judge” is blaming everyone else and
      saying he ran for his life. “All I can say is “Judge”, you should have ran before
      BEFORE committing the crimes you did, because you knew they were crimes…”

      Now, you want our sympathy and forgiveness? No way!

  36. syd Says:

    Question: in his role as Judge and President of the Supreme Ct, was AA still a military officer?

    • syd Says:

      have the answer. kinda. I was curious insofar as judicial proceedings against this scumbag, and in what type of court he would be processed.

      In the transcript of the interview (which I thought was well done by Verioska Velasco; I wouldn’t be surprised if the assignment and direction received the blessing of the DEA), AA explains that he was merely following orders, before saying, “Yo soy militar, o era militar de carrera.”

      Like all things chavista, there’s a haze surrounding all manner of protocol, with only the convenient rules applying, whenever it suits the need.

  37. Rafael V. Lozano Moreno Says:

    Michael, what hurts more Mr. Aponte, is to stop being part of the Nomenclature Ruler, Corrupt and drug trafficker, it escretaron power, this Mr. Aponte, devoid of all moral and ethical values​​, such as legal professional as a professional soldier, who loathe government, and its members the sewers and they are small cluacas.

  38. Ernex Says:

    And there are clowns in the opposition camp like this guy Federico Alves that spew idiotic claims like this one:

    “El arrepentimiento basta para el perdón. Aponte-Aponte hizo mas x el rescate de la democracia anoche que todos nosotros en 10 años de lucha”.

    What? oxygen must not be reaching certain areas of his brain.

    • syd Says:

      wow. two off-the-wall sentences in one tweet. what’s next? Giving AA a hero’s welcomed with a military band, if he ever goes home again?

    • Johnny Walking Says:

      A turd praising another turd.

    • Juan Says:

      “The tough part will be the reeducation of a country filled with people in important and less important positions with this type of mentality”

      Seems that Miguel rest his case with this one…

  39. Rafael V. Lozano Moreno Says:

    Michael, I congratulate you on the articilo, and your analisisi Aponte’s case, and your appreciation concurdo: This is what Chavez and His cronies Have created. This guy tried Should be some day in Venezuela for what I did to Others. For how I Violated the law. For Being a traitor to the oath of historical offices. This guy shows us why the easy part in the reconstruction of the country will be the Economic one. The tough part will be the reeducation of a country filled With people in less Important Important positions and type of mentality With This. The tough part will be weeding out characters like ^ 2 Aponte, Most Of Which will start crying “foul” when a new administration wants to get rid of Them.

    With moral values ​​like Aponte ^ 2, the task at hand may not only be very difficult. It may simply be impossible.

  40. Ernex Says:

    Besides the accusations said by this man, I find outrageous that a guy that can’t even speak proper spanish could manage to become judge in a supreme court.

    He also has a distorted sense of morality, responsibility, etc. well, he was chavista so I’d say that goes along with the condition.

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