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It Takes A Week For The Venezuelan Government To Confirm An Old Report Of A Massacre

September 2, 2012

I have known about the possible massacre of a tribe of Yanomami indians for at least two weeks. The report was that some Brazilian gold diggers, or “garimpeiros” had killed 80 indians. A reader (VJ) even noted that in Chavismo circles, the garimpeiros were said to be all work of the US Government and its mercenaries to destabilize Chavez. But what is truly appalling, is to have the Minister of Defense say that he sort of had heard about it, but is not sure, but by next week, he should have confirmation. Because it is now that they sent someone to check it out. It takes the Venezuelan Government one week (plus whatever time has elapsed already) to learn about its citizens being massacred. Some Minister of “Defense”

Then comes the threats, if it is found to be false, he will take legal measures against those that claimed this was true.

And I ask: What if it is found to be true? Will he assume responsibility and resign?

Can he sue all the other liars in Government for us?