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Bolivarian Mango Peel

September 14, 2012

You have to give it to the Chavistas, they are masters at manipulating public opinion and the media. They denounce a Bs. 40,000 cash donation by a Bolivarian contractor to a Capriles supporter and sooner than you can say “Concha ‘e mango”, everyone starts slipping on it from the press, to social media to blogs.

I mean, this is the country where a Deputy asked where US$ 19 billion went and nothing happened.

-Where a suitcase with US$ 800,000 arrived in Argentina in a plane full of PDVSA people and nothing happened.

-Where US$ 100 million were spent on 10,000 housing units made in Uruguay and only 11 were built.

-Where the President of BBVA Spain was removed for giving Chavez a US$ 1 million illegal donation (in both countries) and nothing happened.

-Where PDVSA gave US$ 500 million to a flight by night hedge fund run by their buddies and nothing happened.

-Where PDVSA would sell dollars to the same fund at the official rate of exchange and nothing happened.

-Where billions of bonds were sold and we never knew how they were assigned and who got them.

-Where the robolution created hundred millionaires every two or three months and nothing happened.

-Where Government officials on US$ 5000 salaries moved into million dollar homes and drove hundred thousand dollar cars and nothing happened.

Sorry, I will move to the side and not step on it…No me j…