Bolivarian Mango Peel

September 14, 2012

You have to give it to the Chavistas, they are masters at manipulating public opinion and the media. They denounce a Bs. 40,000 cash donation by a Bolivarian contractor to a Capriles supporter and sooner than you can say “Concha ‘e mango”, everyone starts slipping on it from the press, to social media to blogs.

I mean, this is the country where a Deputy asked where US$ 19 billion went and nothing happened.

-Where a suitcase with US$ 800,000 arrived in Argentina in a plane full of PDVSA people and nothing happened.

-Where US$ 100 million were spent on 10,000 housing units made in Uruguay and only 11 were built.

-Where the President of BBVA Spain was removed for giving Chavez a US$ 1 million illegal donation (in both countries) and nothing happened.

-Where PDVSA gave US$ 500 million to a flight by night hedge fund run by their buddies and nothing happened.

-Where PDVSA would sell dollars to the same fund at the official rate of exchange and nothing happened.

-Where billions of bonds were sold and we never knew how they were assigned and who got them.

-Where the robolution created hundred millionaires every two or three months and nothing happened.

-Where Government officials on US$ 5000 salaries moved into million dollar homes and drove hundred thousand dollar cars and nothing happened.

Sorry, I will move to the side and not step on it…No me j…

35 Responses to “Bolivarian Mango Peel”

  1. VJ Says:

    Does Diosdado have something to do with the Ruperti´s video ???
    The following message was posted Friday 6th January 2012 in Twitlonger,
    around the time that DC was appointed president of the Asamblea Nacional.
    This is an excerpt:
    “Unos camaradas que están encubiertos en el Gran Polo Patriótico me informan que ya comienzan a notarse los primeros signos del cambio de comando en la Asamblea Nacional.
    Dichas fuentes me comentaron que uno de los personajes que ha reaparecido detrás de bastidores del bando de Diosdado es el Capitán de Altura de la Marina Mercante convertido en uno de los boliburgeses más emblemáticos, WILMER JOSE RUPERTI PERDOMO.
    Los camaradas me comentan que Diosdado puede darle oxigeno a varios boliburgeses entre los que encabezan la lista Wilmer Ruperti.”

  2. CharlesC Says:
    Here is a list of terrorist organizations from Cuba or supported by Cuba (and now supported by Chavez).
    A few weeks ago newspaper said “Chavez, FARC, and Colombia meeting hosted by Cuba, to try and find peace in Colombia.(Chavez said ” I would do anything for peace in Colombia’)
    A commentor said “Chavez,FARC, and Castro are all one and the same!”
    I wondered isn’t Chavez simply a “FALN”
    Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Nacional – resurrected. And, chavistas and militia trained by Cubans.Worse-the real Venezuelan military has been brainwashed by Cuban ideology also..
    Just change the names and nobody realizes it is the same?

  3. Gringo Says:

    Excellent article, Miguel.

  4. Mick Says:

    In the US, the media would broadcast to the world all the $5000 officials who had mansions. There would be pictures of houses and cars and parties and bank statements. Every Bozo with a camera would make it their mission in life. Since the media has been castrated or corrupted, concerned Venezuelans need to use alternative methods to bring these facts to light. i.e. blogging(for computer geeks, and probably not 99% of the voters otherwise they would have shut you down a long time ago), speaking out in public(for the fearless), flyers and graffiti posted in the middle of the night(for those who wish to fight another day).

    • deananash Says:

      Mick, the tactics to execute the strategy you are talking about is to MOCK Chavez. They done is sporadically, with great success (see “three strikes”).

      About a month ago, they had another winner handed to them, the “This is Socialism” mantra, but have failed to adequately capitalize on it.

      Imagine the “This is Socialism” text affixed to those pictures of the mansions, sports cars, etc…

  5. island canuck Says:

    I had this dream last night.

    Capriles wins the election 7O & Chavez agrees to step down mainly because his health will just not allow him to continue fighting.
    But because he’s the vindictive man that he is he decides that the fault of his loss is the very people that have kept him in power for 14 years & now he’s going to punish them.

    In the 3 months between the election & turning over the reigns to Capriles he stops importing the necessities of life – food, fuel, medicine, etc. By early January the shelves are empty, there is no gasoline in the service stations & no medicine in the pharmacies.

    When Capriles takes over in January he also finds out that the treasury is empty, the reserves are in Cuba who refuse to return them & people are rioting because there is limited food.

    Because of the time lag between ordering & delivery it will be months before he can correct the problems.

    This nightmare may be fiction however it would certainly be something our bi-polar leader would be capable of.

    • Roy Says:

      Chavez: “Los Venezolanos no me merecen!”

    • Roy Says:

      Seriously, though…

      When the Soviet Union fell apart, and the Russians pulled out of the sattelite republics, all the various functionaries took the opportunity to steal EVERYTHING, including the copper power lines and the motors and instrumentation from the equipment that was too big to transport.

      There is a danger of such an occurance in all of the Venezuelan State enterprizes.

    • island canuck Says:

      If any of you have any doubt that my dream is a possible event just have a look at this YouTube video of how Diosdado Cabello left Miranda when you was defeated in 2008.

      • island canuck Says:

        …he was defeated – not “you was defeated”

      • César Says:

        And nothing will happen. No matter how many videos like the one above are published, nothing has happened and I have a strong belief that nothing will. It’s all so frustrating, and on top of that is the ominous thought that if they can do that to the official buildings of a state, imagine what they are capable of doing to the entire country if they lose.

  6. ErneX Says:

    This was Cantaura yesterday:

    Carora today just as massive. Capriles is killing it, hay un camino!

  7. VJ Says:

    A friend of mine well connected with the maritime bussiness, told me that the “bolivarian contractor” sold most of his shipping company, keeping for himself a small quantity of shares and also as part of the deal he kept the presidency of the company in Venezuela. This is why PDVSA owes the shipping company some 300 million dollars in freight rates and neither of them are worried about the debt.
    The sale of the company happened around the time that Chavez was taking over the banks and other companies owned by the bolibanqueros (Fernandez Berruecos et all), which caused the bolivarian contractor got really scared and thought he could suffer the same fate.
    Also, what it seems a paradox to me is that how comes that Emilio & Gloria Stephen, ferocious leaders of the cuban exile in Miami, were the best man & maid of honor in the wedding of WR with AM.

    • VJ Says:

      Estefan, not Stephen

      • CharlesC Says:

        Beautiful! VJ you are a master!
        “This is why PDVSA owes the shipping company some 300 million dollars in freight rates and neither of them are worried about the debt.”
        There cannot be more corruption than there is now, can there?
        If Capriles is elected AND takes office-do you think all of those “ALBA countries” will pay their debts? Of course not. Hell will freeze and you will still be waiting for that payment.
        Add Argentina’s debt to Venezuela.
        On another note- few days ago-Mr. Coronel stated- why would PDVSA invest in 11 refineries to be built in “politically friendly”(with Chavez) countries? And, neglect the refineries in Venezuela to the point of being dangerous to work there, and not build the natural gas refinery
        -delayed again for how many times….

      • megaescualidus Says:

        Maybe you were thinking about Henry Stephen… (el de “mi limon, mi limonero…)

  8. geronl Says:

    “Where US$ 100 million were spent on 10,000 housing units made in Uruguay and only 11 were built.”

    So you guys did the “stimulus” thing too. Money down a black hole of corruption and influence peddling- just like the big boys.

  9. Carolina Says:

    Don’t forget to add to the list the ponzi scam with PDVSA’s retirement fund and nobody saying anything about it.

  10. megaescualidus Says:

    Faltan 23 dias

    • guest Says:

      Unfortunately, those are 23 days until the election. Even if the good guys manage to overcome all the tricks and traps of the chavistas and win the election, the cancer will still stay in the palace until January when his turn actually ends, most likely spending all his remaining time trying to ensure that every petrodollar left in the coffers ends up in Cuba….

      • CharlesC Says:

        I don’t understand what makes chavistas “tick”. How can you know about Cuba- know about Castro and-know Chavez is Castro’s student-AND NOT KNOW WHERE VENEZUELA IS HEADING?
        Did Cuba suddenly become chavistas “role model”?How many Venezuelans have a big picture of Castro in their houses? How many Venezuelans pay attention when Castro sends messages to the Venezuelan people either through Chavez or directly through the Press?
        Will millions of Venezuelans line the streets and cry for four days when Fidel Castro dies? What about when Chavez dies, too?
        All of the people in and from Venezuela that I know will not do these things
        and do not think this way…

        • CharlesC Says:

          When history books are written, Chavez will not be a hero.
          Neither was Castro…

        • HalfEmpty Says:

          The same part of me that enjoys a train wreck is thinking about the State Funeral, the possibilities for graft alone!

        • deananash Says:

          Chavez was very clear back in ’98 where he intended to take the country. I remember pointing out his words to my friends, who, nevertheless, INSISTED that was just ‘hot air’ and proceeded, to their great regret, to vote for Chavez.

          I’m paraphrasing now, but Chavez said numerous times, something to the effect that “he would lead Venezuela to copy the near perfect tropical island of Cuba.” His meaning was quite clear. They didn’t want to believe it then, just as so many of you don’t want to believe what Chavez has earlier said about him leaving power. Granted, he hasn’t made such bold declarations lately, and maybe his cancer has already defeated him, but I believe it is his intention to serve “for life”.

    • syd Says:

      agree, guest, but with one distinction. The cancer will not only stay in the palace until January, but will remain outside the palace walls for years to come. The only antidote is good, responsible and accountable governance, as well as time, perhaps a generation.

  11. caraqueño Says:

    Good opportunity for Capriles to give an example of how to deal with these situations

  12. syd Says:

    We all know that certain chavistas, perhaps a great many, have litle if no math skills.
    Is that why they’re fixated on the number 40,000, whether it be in bolívares or dollars?
    For wasn’t 40K the amount that, for years, the PSFs under cheerleader Eva Golinger decried about Súmate’s receipt from the NED?

  13. Dr. Faustus Says:

    May I respectfully disagree? The greatest scandal in South American history, not just Venezuelan, is the internal accounting of the Fonden and Bandes slush fund. Once those books are opened, …. everything else will pale in comparison.

    • Roy Says:

      Those books will be burned and the accounts will be empty when the new administration takes over. It will take years and an army of forensic accountants to figure out where all that money went to. And, even so, they will probably never account for more than 10% of that money, if that.

  14. CarlosElio Says:

    Why would a nation be so willing to become the cheerleaders of the non-sense that comes from the autocrat? The guy says “totuma” ridiculing those affected by the poor service of the water authorities, and everybody says “totuma”
    Sociologists and social psychologists have prime material to study a massive case of external locus of control. Citizens incapable of creating and believing their own voices.
    The great work of Herique Capriles is to show to the rest of us that it can be done, and the IT MUST BE DONE.

  15. ErneX Says:

    Verdades como puños.

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