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Venezuela and Mercosur: In Through The Backdoor, Out Through The Front Door?

September 10, 2012

(A la vivora a la vivora de la mar, por aqui no podran pasar)

Well, the ever diplomatic Brazilians seem to have realized what a screw up it was to allow Venezuela through the back door into Mercosur and now they are holding meetings to allow Venezuela to exit Mercosur via the front door. None other than Brazil’s Foreign Minister Antonio Patriota (Chavez would love to have a Minister with that last name!) said that there have been three meetings to reevaluate the rushed decision by the President’s of Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay to trample over Paraguay’s rights and allow Venezuela into Mercosur following absolutely illegal procedures.

The decision creates a legal problem once Paraguay holds elections next year and could also be a problem if there is a change in Government in the upcoming Venezuelan election. Thus, the Foreign Minister appears to be promoting some sort of resolution to a possible legal contradiction.

It will be interesting to see if a decision is reached before October 7th. or not. A rocky period right after the election will ratify the concerns of the Paraguayan Senate, which ratified its decision against Venezuela’s entry into Mercosur in early August based on the fact that they do not believe the Chavez administration conforms to the Mercosur’s democratic charter. The Venezuelan press curiously decided to ignore that new decision by the Paraguayan senators.

Will they have to photoshop the picture above if the decision by the three irresponsible President’s is revoked?

Stay tuned!