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Chavista Electoral Dirty Trick #3,457

September 29, 2012


So, today, the Venezuelan Electoral Board announces that votes that go for the “Unidad Democratica” party, which as you can see in the “tarjet√≥n electoral” above, has the picture of Henrique Capriles (red circle) will go to little known candidate Reina Sequera, the same one that is offering a cool US$ 1 million to each Venezuelan if she wins. You may think nobody will fall for this, but given that it has Capriles’ picture, that the opposition coalition is the “Mesa de Unidad Dem√≥cratica” and that Capriles is the candidate of the “Unidad”, the Electoral Board should have never allowed this change in the interests of fairness and democratic values. Except clearly, they are a bunch of hoodlum and have no scruples.

This is Chavista electoral dirty trick #3,457 and it simply shows these guys are worried…