Chavista Electoral Dirty Trick #3,457

September 29, 2012


So, today, the Venezuelan Electoral Board announces that votes that go for the “Unidad Democratica” party, which as you can see in the “tarjetón electoral” above, has the picture of Henrique Capriles (red circle) will go to little known candidate Reina Sequera, the same one that is offering a cool US$ 1 million to each Venezuelan if she wins. You may think nobody will fall for this, but given that it has Capriles’ picture, that the opposition coalition is the “Mesa de Unidad Demócratica” and that Capriles is the candidate of the “Unidad”, the Electoral Board should have never allowed this change in the interests of fairness and democratic values. Except clearly, they are a bunch of hoodlum and have no scruples.

This is Chavista electoral dirty trick #3,457 and it simply shows these guys are worried…

57 Responses to “Chavista Electoral Dirty Trick #3,457”

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  6. […] una operación con William Ruperti para salpicar con lodo la reputación de nuestro adversario y diseñar triquiñuelas en el tarjetón para confundir a los electores y robarle a la oposición unos cuantos miles de votos. Vamos a […]

  7. […] everything from trying to stop Capriles from wearing a baseball cap with the national colors to misprinting his photo on ballots. For months, the Venezuelan consulate in Miami, home to many pro-Capriles […]

  8. […] With a week to go before the election and the ballots all printed, the Venezuelan National Electoral Council (CNE) announced that votes for the Unidad Democratica party will go to a relatively unknown third party candidate (Reina Sequera) even though opposition candidate Henrique Capriles’s picture is on the ballot in that spot (h/t Miguel). […]

  9. ManriqueT Says:

    el resultadoes obvio: Chavez ganador de elecciones en Venzuela. O Uds creen que va a dejar el poder asi no mas. LOS UNICOS VOTOS QUE VAN A CONTAR EN ESTAS ELECCIONES SON LOS VOTOS CHAVISTAS. El loco y sus seguidores van a preferir morir que dejar el poder! nada mas ni nada menos lo tipico de loas tiranias como Egyto, Siria, Iran, Cuba, etc. CUBA! casi me olvide de ese detalle! Uds. creen que CUBA va a dejar que caiga Chavez? !??

    Admiro a Capriles y a sus mas cercanos seguidores que estan ofreciendo su vida para hacerle frente a este payaso de solcialista! LAMENTABLEMENTE SOLOS NO VAN A PODER, los miles que le siguieron en Caracas tienen que estar en la calle cuando los milicos salgan a las calles anunciando la victoria de SU COMANDANTE.

    Fueza Capriles!

  10. Andres F Says:

    Miguel, the following video shows somebody saying there are four (4) boxes which will void or assign your vote to somebody else:

    Not sure if this is accurate.

  11. Islander Says:

    Well I can only recomend to the people that can vote, that they vote early and bring a permanent marker pen and mark the spot with NO VOTAR.

  12. Michel Garcia Says:

    It is actually quite simple. Presidential elections in Venezuela are uni-nominal, this means you register a candidate (a person) and not a party, hence, your party can’t switch to another candidate after the registration deadline, which happened about three months ago. So, the easiest way to solve this, and it’s possible because there’s still time to do so, is to print stickers with the word “NULO” (VOID) and place them on the voting card over those parties that no longer support the candidate the card says. It is really that simple.

  13. syd Says:

    If this information was out on September 4, 2012, in El Universal:,
    how come we’re not seeing an updated version of that information, here on this blog?

    • moctavio Says:

      This is mot correct. It was an extrapolation by el universal of what was being said, the Unidad Democratica one is not NULO as it says there and I dont believe they will actually say NULO.

      • syd Says:

        OK, thanks, Miguel. Hace falta pasar a todo votante una aclaratoria, tipo chuleta, como sugiere Roberto N, y como lo van a hacer, a poca distancia del centro electoral, en Guasinton.

  14. island canuck Says:

    If the CNE created the rule that someone could change their allegiance at the last minute then there MUST be a way to correct the ballot. I’m sure if 1 of the fringe Chavista parties changed at this late date they would find a way.

    There is a bigger question that will affect the scrutiny of the mesas when they close & recounts later.

    What will the paper receipt say? Will it say Capriles? This is almost a more important question than the faulty ballot because it could allow a post election denial from the CNE that the numbers from the printouts are correct. It will also not allow voters to see their error & complain.

    • jc Says:

      This is a very good point. If the printout still shows Capriles as opposed to the other person, then it will be very VERY suspicious and I hope opposition witnesses are watching carefully. Here in the US you’re instructed to look at your printout before tallying your vote, and I imagine (actually I’m certain) it’s the same way in Venezuela. IF someone chooses the first Capriles and IF it still shows Capriles on the printout you have a serious, SERIOUS problem that should be addressed.

  15. If the Electoral Council had some remnants of sense and honesty it would leave these votes for Capriles. The reason is simple: who is going to vote for Sequera? The possibilities of being unfair are all against Capriles, Sequera has nothing to lose here. This is a despicable maneuver, just as the closing of electoral centers in the Florida area. These people in CNE are a bunch of gangsters.

    • An Interested Observer Says:

      Gustavo, I wouldn’t question their sense, because that would imply this was done by accident. It most certainly was not. And rather than lacking sense, it’s quite clever. I won’t argue at all with any other of your descriptions of the CNE and most of its members.

      • syd Says:

        Agree. This was no accident, moreover being the first Capriles ‘casilla’ on the ballot.

        • An Interested Observer Says:

          You know, the fact that it’s the first casilla makes me think they planned this long ago, and just waited until now – when it’s too late to do anything about it – to announce it. It wouldn’t work as well in any lower location.

    • Roy Says:

      “These people in CNE are a bunch of gangsters.”

      I would only argue with you in that by singling out the CNE, you infer that the rest of the Chavista oficialismo are not gangsters, when ALL of them are. After 14 years, it would be impossible for anyone above a certain rank in the Chavista political organization not to be. I have little doubt that some of these officials started out as honest (if deluded) idealists. But after so much time, these have now been corrupted or purged as disloyal or unreliable. Gangsters cannot bear to have honest men in their organization. Their motivations cannot be trusted.

  16. Ira Says:

    I don’t understand any of this. Plus, the text below the graphic is starting in the middle of a sentence.

    • An Interested Observer Says:

      It’s a continuation of the sentence that starts above the graphic, despite the appearance of a colon that sets off the graphic rather than words. (Miguel has an occasional challenge with details like punctuation when his train of thought is rolling.)

      This is the main thought in that sentence: ‘votes that go for the “Unidad Democratica” party will go to little known candidate Reina Sequera’ even though the picture for that party is of Henrique Capriles.

  17. Bruni Says:

    I don’t understand how come the CNE cannot change the face. I would like to get one of the technical ladies (maybe the one that was president of CANTV) clearly explain to me how in this era of electronic machines, the face cannot be changed….

    BTW has anyone from the opposition or from the media asked that question?

    This and Miami voters being shuffled to New Orleans… “tutto fa brodo”.

  18. An Interested Observer Says:

    OT in a way, but a different dirty trick (and definitely a devil’s excrement issue):

    Oil-Rich Venezuela Ramps Up Fuel Imports Ahead of Election

    • Roy Says:

      I read that too. The only explanation is that the refineries are in worse shape than Ramirez is admitting, and the gasoline stocks are already running out, which he doesn’t care about, but can’t allow to happen right before the election.

    • Dr. Faustus Says:

      I agree with Roy. After the elections Venezuela will collapse from all the years of financial mismanagement. There will be a currency devaluation as well.

  19. An Interested Observer Says:

    This is freaking INSANE. The point of the pictures is to help illiterate voters. So any of them who pick the first picture of the candidate they like will presumably have their vote completely perverted, and since it is the first photo, it could be a heck of a lot. And the semi-literate could also be fooled by the name similarity. Seems about as underhanded as anything the CNE has ever done, and that’s saying a LOT.

    This would be like Romney folks having a number of Obama votes siphoned off to Ron Paul. It’s the kind of thing that could sway an election, and they very well know it.

    • Ira Says:

      There aren’t any illiterate voters–because Hugo claims to have 100% eliminated illiteracy in the country.

      Should I laugh, cry, vomit or scream at the irony here?

  20. Pedro Says:

    Miguel, you are taking this election way too seriously. The elections are rigged. Chavez will “win” no matter how many people vote for him. The only hope Venezuela has is that his cancer returns sooner rather than later.

    • metodex Says:

      I feel a lot of hope and positive thoughts about these elections, but then i remember the neverending cycle of elections in Belarus and its a reality check. This is not just another bad president we’re talking about, its a 21st century dictator.

  21. Ronaldo Says:

    The Monday deadline for Chavez to switch the ballot from himself to another candidate is close. Will Adnan Chavez be a replacement candidate but with Hugo Chavez photo?

    • Dr. Faustus Says:

      Yes, I’m watching this as well. This should be a major international news story if he does do it. Big stuff coming….

    • syd Says:

      ditto on the lookout post. Chávez has been looking puffy and unwell. I suspect he’ll look even worse during the marathon he’s planning in the coming days, chavistas forced to converge from all points, and herded like cattle in buses, Hercules, and even open-air garbage trucks. (Ni en la IV tanta indignidad.)
      The only logical person to take over is Adan, given the emphasis on the last name, being associated with la patria. And well, with the one, white star in that *corazón venezolano* and Adán’s proclivities towards Cuba — that of the one, white star in its flag, the circle closes.

  22. geronl Says:

    Wow. It never ends does it? I doubt Hugo is going to give up power after he loses by 400,000 to a million votes.

  23. Cisco Says:

    Can you explain exactly the implications for us not familiar with the process. How many potential votes could this effect?

    • geronl Says:

      A lot. It’s the highest, left-hand side of the ballot. It’s the first one of his pictures the voters will see.

      • Cisco Says:

        One more question if you dont mInd? Why are there so many pictures for both candidates?

        • moctavio Says:

          Some parties want to support either candidate, but dont want to lose their identity. If you get a certain % of the votes you automatically qualify as a legal party for the next election, if not, you have to find signatures again in each State of the country.

          • Cisco Says:

            Thank You. That appears to be blatant election fraud. Hope the opposition can counter it. If its that easy to substitute what will prevent them from doing it again and not saying anything about it or would that be the line they dont cross.

  24. island canuck Says:

    Well things are heating up.

    2 people have been murdered in Barinas by Chavistas.

    They were in a pickup covered in Chavez photos. They have apparently captured 2 of the assailants & are looking for the other who is supposedly a member of the governor’s office of Barinas.

    In other news Chavez calls Capriles & his followers fascistas & violent..

    In other, other news there has been a coup in Curacao.

    In additional news the concentrations of Capriles are getting bigger & bigger. Today in San Cristobel was just unbelievable.

  25. Roger Says:

    This is what the voter sees on the computer screen and not printed. Si? Why can’t they just reload the page? The still manual tables can’t be that many that they can’t be fixed. Which brings up the question of who are the international observers?

    • moctavio Says:

      No, there is a sort of tablet with the printed image of the tarjeton and is touch sensitive, you vote and your choice is shown on the computer screen

    • ErneX Says:

      After you pick one you get a confirmation screen with the option you selected, if they don’t change this to say it’s Maria at least on the confirmation screen this is simply insulting,

  26. NicaCat56 Says:

    you´re welcome!

  27. Guest Says:

    And isn’t the campaign supposed to end this Sunday? Meaning that nobody will even be allowed to mention the change for fear that they will be charged with violating electoral rules.

    Everyone with international connections of any kind should tell his local TV, newspaper, congressman, etc, about this. This is the most obvious admission of impending defeat by the chavistas and the most obvious and devious electoral trick I’ve ever seen. We have to make sure everyone in the world talks about this and how if Chavez “wins” but the Capriles votes+Unidad Democratica votes are greater, nobody will accept Chavez as president, and nobody will call it a “coup” when the Venezuelan people finally decide that enough is enough and send Chavez’s ass to the hell he richly deserves.

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