Exciting Rally With Capriles Closing His Campaign In Caracas

September 30, 2012

Even form afar, it is very exciting to watch today’s rally in which Capriles is closing his campaign in Caracas. Gigantic crowd! Capriles speaking well! Very emotional, very exciting! Wish I could be there! (I will be there to vote next Sunday!)
More here.

44 Responses to “Exciting Rally With Capriles Closing His Campaign In Caracas”

  1. 1979 Boat People Says:

    About Mr. Henrique Capriles Radonski in Vietnamese.


  2. NicaCat56 Says:

    Oh, my Jeebus! She actually mentioned that “people were transported in from other parts of the country”! Really? Like Thugo hasn’t done that HUNDREDS of times!!!

    • syd Says:

      I didn’t see the number of buses being the same amount as those of the government, which has used that tactic and more for so long. Nor do I know from where those buses originated — from nearby cities, or from far away.

  3. maracucho importado Says:

    i told my wife six years ago that the salvation of venezuela is that we are silvestre, como venados, not sheep.
    we, unlike other peoples, do not readily accept orders.
    the speech was incredible. i would have liked to see figured and to whom displayed on the wall.
    a study on the hudson river???? i think the u s has probably done that…
    mi voto es secretronski

    • syd Says:

      you’re right, mi. No obedecemos — a ningún loco. Espero que escuchemos y obedecemos al flaquito.

    • syd Says:

      the monies for the hudson river study came out of vz accounts. the US did not hold a gun to the government’s head to ‘aflojar esos reales.’

  4. Frank Says:

    It was certainly an enormous rally, the crowd took 3 hours to pass by my apartment in Chacaito on their way to Av. Bolivar.

  5. CharlesC Says:

    Slightly O/T-an editorial in La Patilla today:
    Here’s something we have been “living with”and much too silent about.
    “Allí están, por ejemplo, los préstamos chinos que ha estado recibiendo el país – o mejor dicho, el presidente- y que superan ya los 40 mil millones de dólares. Estos préstamos, obtenidos con el compromiso de pago a futuro en petróleo, son ilegales porque constituyen endeudamiento externo y, por tanto, el Presidente requería aprobación de la Asamblea Nacional para hacerlo, que no la tiene.

    Este sería un tema de obligada investigación para la Asamblea porque es incluso su propia potestad la que ha sido violada. Nunca antes nos habíamos endeudado sin autorización del poder legislativo. Además, nunca antes habíamos tomado dinero prestado a cambio de petróleo a futuro y nunca antes nos habíamos endeudado tan aceleradamente. Pero no es solo que los recursos son obtenidos ilegalmente; es que además, son gastados sin ninguna transparencia, al margen del Presupuesto Nacional. Son fondos que el presidente maneja como si fueran suyos y que ha utilizado intensamente en los últimos meses para su campaña electoral; por ejemplo, para regalar electrodomésticos en busca de votos. Caldera recibió dinero de un privado para pagar por gorras y afiches para su campaña.

    El presidente endeuda el país para comprar lavadoras para la suya. La Asamblea, bajo control del gobierno, decide investigar solo a Caldera. Una razón más para votar masivamente, el próximo 7 de Octubre, por un cambio radical en la dirección del país”

    I have been saying this stuff forever-” Chavez is doing illegal things. Big stuff!”

  6. juan Says:

    being there was very emotional. It has been a while since that feeling that something big is going on. His carisma amaizing and magnetic. It was truly emotional. Hopefuly, this will be last “marcha”

  7. Firepigette Says:

    His lack of hatred is a breath of fresh air in a country that has been breathing it for so long.Let’s hope it becomes contagious among the people in general and a country based on mutual respect despite differences can be built.

    • CharlesC Says:

      Hopefully some of the “young chavistas” will decide to get some education
      and clear their minds of the nonsense put there by Chavez.

      I hope the military -on their own, decides to CLEAN THEMSELVES UP
      from within to show the country and the world that they are better than
      this garbage they are doing and saying these past years.
      Stop those rediculous slogans. Take down the cuban flags, paint over
      those rediculous murials…

      • metodex Says:

        Out of all Venezuelans, besides the Castro-and-Che-Loving communists, theres nobody as apatrida as the Military.

  8. NicaCat56 Says:

    Listening to HCR today was like feeling a breath of fresh air. No vitriol, hatred, mocking, epithet-laden, blaming speech coming from him! He sounded (besides hoarse!) wonderfully upbeat.

    • syd Says:

      Not only that, he was direct and accurate in his talking points. Half an hour. That’s all it took. And every minute was rich in content for the target audience. There was no beating about the bush, no vagaries, no meanderings, no non-sequiturs, no flights of fancy, no dreamscapes. In a country that desperately needs to get out of the quagmire, Henrique Capriles applied the appropriate pre-medicine to a public hungry for solutions and a way out.

      Tomen nota soñadores.

  9. Marilu Gruber Says:

    Henrique Capriles Radonsky: Commitment and integrity
    God bless him,!


  11. Carolina Says:

    Amazing photos!!

    OT- didn’t Chavez promise to build housing in the Mercado de La Hoyada? I don’t see anything happening there.

  12. Ira Says:

    Also amazing–no incidents with Chavistas, huh?

    Looks like these numbers of Capriles supporters has them scared.

    It’s a beautiful thing. A good thing. A justice thing.

    And as much as “our” side condemns the bullying tactics of Chavismo, might is still a pretty important thing..

  13. Ira Says:

    My nephew in Calgary planned his trip to VZ next week in order to vote for Capriles.

    He’s a brilliant kid, but I will NEVER let him live down the fact that he voted for Hugo the first time.

    • syd Says:

      Go easy on him, please. He was a kid, and kids are easily led. Remember, too, that at multiple points in world history, conditions bring forth the “right” man for the job and the time. What these men do with the trust invested in them, depends on their level of commitment and integrity. Chávez was ushered in because during the last decade of the IVth republic, poor economic decisions were taken that mired the country in chaos, corruption was rampant (though nothing like today), and the politicians had run out of both ideas and steam.

      When I first heard Ch. over internet radio, I knew he was not balanced, but I remember thinking that a few sentences that he said, here and there, made perfect sense. I never voted for him. For I could not forget the instigator of all the bullets that flew, in 1992, near the ancestral family home in a sector of Caracas, where a dear, ageing aunt gained a cerebral hemorrhage, from all the fear.

      • Ira Says:

        I guess as an American, I can’t understand his perspective–but this is a guy who attempted a military coup, so how in the world is he deserving of ANY governmental office?

        My nephew is a college educated guy, very smart, had great accounting positions with Coca Cola, and then Exxon-Mobil, and as part of Exxon-Mobil, he voted for Chavez?

        It doesn’t compute. As Latin America’s oldest Democracy…and as an educated Venezuelan…how could he make this leap of faith and logic to vote for a coup monger?

    • island canuck Says:

      Ira, lots of well meaning people voted for Chavez as late as 2006. I know at least 10 who are now Capriles supporters. The only bad apple in the basket is my wife’s mother who was trying to convince us today that Globovision was cheating by showing old videos to increase the number of people in their TV shots.

      The terminally deluded will not change. Fortunately they only represent a small % these days. The end for Chavez is 7 days away.

      Hay un camino!

  14. joe Guev Says:

    dont know what to think. I am confident but I dont trust cne.

  15. island canuck Says:

    Excellent speech, tremendous emotion, I’m convinced of a Capriles victory.

    There are still 4 (5?) days of appearances to come.
    He said today he will visit 12 more states.
    A Herculean effort.
    Every time I see him going through the crowds my heart stops.
    He should be more careful but I understand the need to be close to the people.

    7 days more. Don’t know if I’m going to survive. Awaiting more dirty tricks or worse. Let’s just get this show over & get to the next step. 3 months of agony!

    • Bruni Says:

      Island, I had watering eyes at the end. I must admit that I never thought that he could deliver such a speech, you were right, the connection was there. he was able to connect with the people, with us.

      Regardless of the outcome of the election, we are in debt with him. He carry out the best campaign in many many years.

    • syd Says:

      I hope Capriles is wearing a bullet-proof vest under that shirt.

  16. Ma. Elisa Martin Says:

    I hope you come and stay, we need people like you!

  17. Bruni Says:

    I am listening to Capriles on-line. He is making a fantastic speech. Clear, concise, direct. Amazing.

    • Laura Says:

      Y Amen! He is nailing it…..No-nonsense and spoken from the heart…. Regardless of the outcome, this man has changed history for all of us…”Que Dios bendiga a Venezuela! “, indeed!

    • syd Says:

      agree. when has there ever been a candidate that speaks to the crowd as friends, as family, imparting vital knowledge for their decision-making, rather than dishing out partisan pap?

      What an incredible breath of fresh air — so needed, for so long.

      P.S. So glad you provided the link to N24, Miguel, worried about the hyper-compressed jpeg below your headline. Outstanding aerial photos!!

      • moctavio Says:

        I chose that one because of size and aspect ratio to my blog, that is why I put link so people can see many difference reference points.

        • syd Says:

          yours looks painterly, though, and most of those on N24 were probably taken earlier in the afternoon, for they make the crowd look, as one commenter put it, like iti has alopecia. jajaja.

      • deananash Says:

        Um Syd, that would be the early version of Chavez, circa 1997. Only not really. Yes, he was speaking from the heart (as a friend, even a family member), but to a different audience:the pueblo. He was imparting vital knowledge but they were too uneducated to really get his point. Everyone else got it, but were so fed up with A/D, Copei, et al, that they pulled the lever for Chavez anyway.

        Once he had power, he wasn’t, hasn’t, and won’t let it go.

        • syd Says:

          Um, no, deananash. I listened to Chavez, early in his campaign, in 1998. And some of things he said were right on the mark: the need to get rid of corruption, the need to focus on the poor. I bought those statements. But there was an awful of nonsense fillers that didn’t quite hinge together. So from early on, I decided that this was not a balanced man. That became much clearer during a pre-election interview conducted by a Mexican television reporter (can’t recall his name, but he was outstanding). Chavez was so damned squirrelly and evasive, that I knew he would not be a good candidate for the future of the country.

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