Maduro Announces Chavez’ Cancer Was Likely Induced

March 5, 2013


Vice-President-in-impostor Nicolas Maduro has just announced that Chavez’ cancer was likely induced by the enemies of Venezuela in rambling speech.

US attache kicked out for conspiring.

Bad attempt to imitate Chavez.

Calls Chavez the new Libertador

Rambles on ethics, Fatherland, oligarchy, the people…

Repeats that Chavez is receiving “complementary chemio treatment”

Did Maduro announce repression is coming when he said “Nobody has immunity?

34 Responses to “Maduro Announces Chavez’ Cancer Was Likely Induced”

  1. testdomain Says:

    You could have awesome info here.

  2. GERARD Says:

    Even capitalist ennemies admit that poverty has decreased by half…

  3. GERARD Says:

    bullshit Mr Freeman ??? don’t you understand that Dems and Reps are just on the football field just to distract people from reality. US economy is collapsing ! You are just furious not to steal venezuelian oil like before !

  4. Use of conspiracies, for political advantage, is the American Way –

    Chavistas and Republicans pretend they represent opposite ends of the political spectrum. In reality, they are the same: both promote conspiracies, both lie, both cook the election laws, both extort competitors, and both make the poor poorer. However, the Chavistas do a much better job of making the disadvantaged believe the bullshit. One reason being, I think, is that the conspiracies never die out in Venezuela. At least, in the US, we fight the conspiracies of the Repubs, with good ones of our own.

  5. firepigette Says:

    hasta globovision puso la cinta negra en el logo…..madre mia

  6. Gerry Says:

    Although I have never been a fan:
    May he rest in peace!
    May the good God forgive him. The destroyer of Venezueala,
    May the “brats” who succeed him think of Venezuela first and always.
    Valencia is my home from home.

    • deananash Says:

      Oh that there really was an eternity and eternal damnation, sadly, I see no evidence that there is. Gerry, I’m not sure if you’re a better person, or bigger fool, than I.

    • Jane Says:

      At least one reply was a nice one, but who knows who posts on here. The man, President Chavez cared for the poor, improved their neighborhoods, gave them medical care that had not been given before, and the people loved him. He must have done something right, don’t you think? I personally think he did a good job, and finally put money into the hands of the poor. I can’t see anything wrong with that at all.

  7. HalfEmpty Says:

    Of course, the Constitution, it must be followed. Hurmph.

  8. moctavio Says:

    It has to be Diosdado, anything else does not follow the Constitution.

  9. Gordo Says:

    At this point, can anybody tell me who is running the government? According to Venezuela’s constitution an election must be held within 30 days of the president’s death. It’s unclear whether Maduro or National Assembly President Diosdado Cabello will take over on an interim basis after the Supreme Court ruled in January that the ailing president could delay his swearing in for a new term. I would say that the TSJ put Venezuela into this emergency situation, and Maduro has to create artificial crises as a distraction.

  10. Gordo Says:

    At this moment, it should be clear that nobody is going to lend money to the government. So, what’s going to happen to empty shelves? What’s more important, loyalty or an empty stomach?

  11. concerned Says:

    If the military was conspiring with the U.S (which I don’t believe), maduro is acknowledging that all of the military does not support chavismo without chavez. That may be the most important act in this circus. Dictators without military support are not dictators for long.

    Everything else he said about chavez’s cancer being induced falls into the “You just can’t make that shit up catagory”. He is more ignorant than his predecessor, and nervous as hell.

  12. bt Says:

    I think it’s time to kick maduro out. He’s not a president, he’s a bus driver. He sounds even more ignorant that chavez.

    • Carolina Says:

      Sadly, he speaks the language of at least 6 million people AND the boss appointed him.
      So most likely he’ll win again.

      • Dr. Faustus Says:

        It’s not the time to despair. This chess game is still being played out. The next 72 hours will be critical. It’s not over.

        • firepigette Says:

          In questioning the loyalty of the army, Maduro and the Cubans might be beginning a fight that nobody can win.

          I would say that more than 72 hours would be critical.

  13. Carolina Says:

    BTW, Godgiven was not in this picture?

  14. Carolina Says:

    Por que nadie dice que Chavez fumaba como una p.p.?

  15. m_astera Says:

    The faint smell of sulphur.

  16. Kepler Says:

    Jolines, Maduro nos quiere matar de puro aburrimiento.

  17. Ronaldo Says:

    Maduro lost his mind and is going right to violence. The opposition has been quiet but Maduro fears them.


    March 5 – 1:40 PM Maduro says these are the “worse” hours since Chávez was diagnosed with cancer. In another threat, he said that they will work with two hands: One to hit hard those who oppose the Chavez regime and the other one to shake the hands of those who are willing to join him in the destruction of Venezuela.

    He is asking all those who are with Chavez to take to the streets. “No one has immunity,” he said.

    Unfortunately, Venezuela is heading for very dangerous days and a civil war is now very possible.

    1:35 PM He is now finally talking about Chavez, after more than 35 minutes of talking nonsense. He said Chavez’s very delicate situation is the reason why they called this meeting. He is asking “complete discipline” from the Venezuelan people.

    Maduro is threatening everyone who doesn’t “respect” Chavez and plans any act against the regime.

    1:30 PM Maduro continues speaking but hasn’t said anything specific about Chavez’s health. I have never heard anyone say so many stupidities in one single speech. He has called Chavez his “father” and the “liberator” of the XXI Century.

    1:10 PM Maduro is now accusing the US of conspiring with members of the Venezuelan military to topple the Chavez regime. He has given 24 hours to a military attaché at the US Embassy, David del Mónaco, to leave Venezuela.

    1 PM Vice president Maduro is now talking. So far no specific news about whether Chavez is dead or alive.

    He is now blaming the US for Chavez’s illness. He said the cancer was “inoculated.”

    He spent more than 15 minutes mentioning all the government and military leaders present in the meeting.

    11:20 AM Venezuelan media is reporting that the top hierarchy of the Venezuelan government arrived at the Miraflores Presidential Palace this morning for an urgent meeting that began at 11 AM EST and that a very important announcement is imminent.

    The top military brass is also in attendance.

    More details when we receive them.

  18. Alain Taildeman Says:

    It is completely with the brain in the ass

  19. TV Says:

    I’m pretty sure they didn’t think this out at all. If Chavez cancer was induced, then Maduro should really, really worry now. Not all Chavistas are stupid and ignorant enough to miss such an elephant.

  20. island canuck Says:

    What a total waste of time.
    Same stupid lies & fantasies.

    We are no further ahead than we were at noon.

    The threats, the odio, the conspiracies and after all – no real information.

    • Mike Says:

      Let’s not forget that he is not speaking to you and me and opposition commentors here. He is talking to La Chusma (sorry, I have until now always called them “El Pueblo”, and may again depending on their reaction to this speech).
      If they are believe that the cancer was opposition induced, it may get very dangerous for anybody looking mantuano. The proverbial “when they come down from the hills…” may come true and the resulting Caracazo II will not be pretty.
      I have hopes however that some (semi?) honest military brass will be able to take control and eliminate the real cancer: Chavismo. The latter seems to me to be the only way out. Winning elections is NOT, not for Chavismo NOR the oppo.
      I heard some “jala-bolas type” fear of the “Gloriosas Fuerzas Armadas Bolivarianas”, trying to convince everybody that they are all united and on Chavismo’s side. Except for the Narcos and otherwise illegal “nouveaux riches”, I doubt it.

  21. BB Cuiba Says:

    Also, just declared war on the U.S. Shades of “The Mouse that Roared”. Come on down marines/ — this is where it’s at now!

  22. ErneX Says:

    God damned psychopaths.

  23. captainccs Says:

    What would a second rate body guard, bus driver know?

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