Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez Is Dead

March 5, 2013


It has just been announced that Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, seen above in his last public speech, has died today at 4:25 PM from complications arising from his surgery in Cuba on Dec. 12th. The announcement was made by Vice-President Nicolas Maduro on nationwide TV.


62 Responses to “Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez Is Dead”

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  2. El Pueblo Unido Says:

    A great man died today. Not only a leader for the poor and working people of Venezuela, but an inspiration for the working people of South America, Latin America, and the world. In the centuries to come, the name Chávez will stand beside that of Bolívar.

    • Trin Says:

      Let history say what it wants and let his name stand wherever you put it. Be inspired if you desire. HE”S DEAD! Those who loved him will hallow his name and those who hated him will vilify it. While you and history deal with his name and legacy many will need to work to rebuild this nation and rescue it from the incompetents of the revolution. Enjoy your empty words of fawning praise. But HE’S DEAD. And whether it’s a few months or a few years the time is coming when all you will have will be your inspiration and memories because HE”S DEAD and the revolution will be too!

    • Ira Says:

      The name “Chavez” will be engraved on the tombstones of tens of thousands of Venezuelans murdered in the streets.

      And nothing for nothing and with all due respect, Bolivar failed in his quest for the United States of South America…just as Chavez failed at everything he touched.

  3. Ronaldo Says:

    Kudos to the Cuban doctors for showing their low level of medical skills and to the Cuban security for allowing Imperialists to give Chavez cancer. Lose lose.

  4. dcmontreal Says:

    Hugo Chavez, Henrique Capriles and the future of Venezuela
    Hugo Chávez, Henrique Capriles y el futuro de Venezuela

  5. OldSouth Says:

    Felicidades, and best wishes for the future of your wonderful country.

    As for Sr. Chavez, today he passed from this life to the next, shocked to find that there is a next life, an Almighty who exists despite Marxist denials, that Perdition is hot, and Eternity lasts forever.

    He’ll never be able to persecute another person, create any more chaos, spread any more hate.

    He’s gone. And he’s never coming back.

    • Ronaldo Says:

      In Hell, every time Chavez tells a lie, the flames get hotter. Chavez will burn to a crisp in under 10 seconds.

  6. Mick Says:

    With the mafia boss down, the powers in charge will divide over the Cuba issue. It was never about Venezuela or the people (rich or poor), it was always about money and power.

  7. Joenative Says:

    Perhaps someone will pull the plug on Cuba.

  8. Boris Says:

    This is a sad day for all poor people in Venezuela. You rich, well educated folks should have had more solidarity to your lesser off compatriots and Chavez would never have been elected. Corruption, violence, inflation was all bad before. Now the majority is just directed towards you instead.

    I think it can go any way now. Chavez showed some restraint and either the revolution can slow down or popular anger can explode. Don’t think that is over, not by a longshot.

    • Ira Says:

      You see, you said it all right there:

      “Educated,” whereas anyone who supported Chavez was an ignorant moron.

      And where the hell did you get the idea that all educated people are rich?

  9. Kim Carvajal Says:

    Finally part of the communist regime is dead now let pick the real president to it jobs and put venezuela back in order.

  10. Jose A Ramirez Says:

  11. andrew Says:

    Alleljjjjjjaaaaaaaaaaa! Evviva! Vai all’inferno Hugo!

  12. Sebastian Snyder Says:

    Finally!! Now the question is what will happen next? Will the country be better with the uncertainty of not having Chavez?

  13. Kepler Says:

    Miguel, las elecciones son dentro de los 30 días o a más tarda en 30 días?
    Entiendo lo primero por lo que dice el pedazo de constitución que tenemos.

  14. Shrillary Clinton Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS !! now take back your country from the cubans….

    I can only image how tacky his funeral will be

  15. geronl Says:

    How long before the reprisals start?

  16. firepigette Says:

    The hatred between the factions and national disunity is clearly the most unfortunate legacy that has been left to all Venezuelans.

    • Boris Says:

      The hatred was there before to or don’t you remember 89 and 92?
      I think that in Chavez system, if you only gave it a chance, you could all find a place. While in the system of neoliberalism the poor can’t, no matter how hard they try.

  17. arco Says:

    Uh ah chavez no se va jajaja!
    Here we are dancing on the tables!
    Finaly the sob is gone.
    Lets enjoy the moment we where al waiting for for along time!

    Btw: they are loting stores in porlamar!

  18. César Says:

    What I hate about all this is that he will not be held accountable for all the terrible harm he, and only he, brought on Venezuela. The incompetents ruling the country since December will fail miserably in the immediate future and it won’t be their fault either, nor the fault of Chavismo. Their failure will be because Chávez was not around to govern properly. Thus, nothing will be learned from this terrible tradegy and nothing will change. Chávez will become a semigod in the eyes of many people in Venezuela and abroad. A martyr of destiny. I’m sorry to sound so insensitive to some, but this is as respectful as I can be at this moment. There are strange and scary times coming.

  19. captainccs Says:

    Maduro calling for “respect.” When was his dead boss ever respectful? As ye sow, so shall ye reap.

    • bt Says:

      Right on. He never showed respect but always demanded it. So glad he’s gone! Maybe now Venezuela can get back on its feet.

  20. ErneX Says:

    I don’t have anything to celebrate, I’m very concerned about the next few months. Until everything clears up, I’m going to be worried.

  21. firepigette Says:

    And the moment chosen for his demise just so happens to be when Godgiven Hair was out of town to take care of his mother’s recent passing.

  22. HalfEmpty Says:

    Let’s start with the….
    He was a Bad King but a good Man.

    Because he

    A. was a fair entertainer
    2. an economic whizbang
    iii. knew what Sulfur smelled like
    iV Made the electricity run on time.

    Pick 2.

  23. LuisF Says:

    Agonia la que lleva Venezuela, y lo que le falta. Hugo Chavez is gone but not his influence.

    it is regretful that we keep watching the puppet act and fail to see the puppet master. Cubans keep embezzling the coffers dry…

  24. island canuck Says:

    President Diosdado Cabello

    At least until new elections.

  25. BB Cuiba Says:

    Sorry about the mistakes — my fingers are nervous…

  26. BB Cuiba Says:

    meaning that’s the hour they chose to say he had passed. I personally don’t believe anything they say!!!! He’s been gone for quite a while. Also means they’re more prepared to try to stay in power and my proclaim “estado de excepcion” as in Catia motorcycles and gunshots everywhere making it likely that “saqueos” will be gin for them to proclaim whatever they feel like.

  27. Kepler Says:

    Do you know who died on 5 March as well? Stalin

    • Noel Says:

      And both dictators had ghastly deaths, with their political entourage hovering over their agonizing leader, plotting the aftermath and using the dying as a pawn in their calculations. Warning to aspiring caudillos.

  28. Paul Says:

    Hopefully, Venezuelans will be able to take back their beautiful country and begin to rebuild what has been destoyed in the last 14 years. Viva Venezuela!

  29. Jose Says:

    Patria o muerte.

  30. Noel Says:

    He may have been a terrible president, but he also was a human being, and I shudder to think what his agony must have been like, so the rejoicing seems to me indecent, sorry to be blunt.

    As for winning the next presidential elections, I hope the opposition wins, but it wont if it just demonizes Chavez. Rather, it should try to do well what Chavez botched through incompetence and block-headed ideology: improving the condition of the poor and generally the living standards of the population.

    • gds Says:

      Noel normally I would agree with you but when I think of things like judge Afiuni who has been imprisoned on false charges and raped/tortured in jail, my heart hardens.

  31. Gordo Says:

    Will we ever know the truth?

  32. Bill S. Says:

    Can the socialist dictatorship he built outlast him for long? If the opposition is fragmented, I would guess that his movement will survive for several years at least. He lasted a couple of months longer than I thought. But better late than never. Good luck.

  33. gds Says:

    End of an error.

  34. arco Says:

    Congratulations Venezuela / gefeliciteerd Venezuela namens Holland!

  35. captainccs Says:

    Now the fun begins. Can Chavismo survive without the charismatic leader?

  36. LOU Says:

    Miguel, we can have those spicy schezuan noodles anytime.

  37. The Cat Says:

    Well, at least the announcement came today. Who knows exactly WHEN he died!

  38. firepigette Says:

  39. Ronaldo Says:

    Now comes the funeral and internment next to Bolivar.

  40. Ira Says:

    Quick–someone give me a HUG!!!

  41. Ira Says:


  42. Ronaldo Says:


  43. juli carbonell Says:

    ¡viva! Venezuela, ¡viva!

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    It’s been a long time in coming.

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