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Opposition Deputy Blasts Chavistas Deputies On Discussion On US Diplomats

October 2, 2013

Americo Da Grazia, the opposition Deputy from Bolivar State, the same one that was pushed down the stairs of the National Assembly a few months ago by a group of Chavista Deputies, gave this excellent speech during the discussion to approve a resolution backing Maduro’s decision to expel three US diplomats. Da Grazia is a member of Causa R, the Guayana socialist party associated with the union movement.

For those that do not speak Spanish, Da Grazia starts by showing his birth certificate and saying he is Venezuelan and where he was born. He then recalls the murder of a Causa R leader last weekend. He then says among other things:

-What a pity that this assembly refuses to discuss Venezuela’s problems.

-Pity you don’t care about what Venezuelans care about.

-We are not lackeys of the gringo empire, but we are also not lackeys of the Chinese empire. But you just gave away the Las Cristinas gold mine to the Chinese empire while on your knees. Shame on you!

-You also gave Guyana (the country) the disputed territory.

-You dont say anything or discuss anything about the Sidor strike, the Ferrominera strike or the miners that are in jail.

-Because of you electricity consumption is back to the 80’s in Guayana because you ruined the electric infrastructure. And you don’t talk about it.

-How many of you know that in Guayana there is not asingle hospital that can provide chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment to cancer patients. single hospital that provides chemotherapy or radiotherapy to cancer patients, but then you want to discuss this “pendejada”.

-He then says ironically that he just told his daughter not to go to the market, because thanks to kicking out the americans, there will be no shortages, there will be toilet paper and the dollar will go down in price.

-He then calls them stupid and imbeciles.

-He then calls for a democratic solution to Venezuela’s political problem.

-He then mentions all the positions, CNE, Comptroller that need to be elected and says they are illegitimate.

A Chavista Deputy then answers him with ideological BS.

Hat Tip: Damian Pratt who made the effort to place the video in youtube