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In Venezuela, Country Of Controls, Cash Is King

October 7, 2013


Nothing can illustrate better the lawlessness, irresponsibility and lack of equality that currently rules Venezuela that this item from the international news, accompanied by this item today.

First, we hear that the official (funcionario) from the National Institute for Sports (IND) was not involved in money laundering. It was not money laundering, because the guy was authorized. Never mind the law, whether Bulgarian or Venezuelan laws. Because in both countries, you have to declare cash above a certain amount.

According to this website, you have to declare above 8,000 leva in Bulgaria, whether you are importing or exporting them. That is about 4,000 euro if you were wondering. So, if Mr. Funcionario Official was carrying euro 407,000, he was money laundering, violating Bulgarian law, whether the Embassy likes it or not.

But incredibly, these “funcionarios” from the Bulgarian Embassy forget that we live in Venezuela, where you have to declare over US$ 10,000 when you leave the country. If you don’t, you were also money laundering.

A country where anyone, anyone “normal” of course, has to fill out and hand in folders to Cadivi, to obtain approval. We are talking about all sorts of forms, filled out individually, to get no more, that is the regulation, than US$ 3,000 in your credit card for travel abroad. Legally, there are no exceptions to these rules. It’s the law of the land. Except Chavismo seems to believe that the law only applies to everyone else. Particularly for non-Chavistas.

But really, do you trust a “funcionario” to carry that much cash in a country where nobody can carry cash in foreign currency? Who supervises handing out the cash? Spending it? Really, please….

How much cash did Maduro’s delegation carry in China? No wonder they wanted to get out of the airplane in Vancouver and go shopping after their sudden departure in Beijing…

But really. Think about it. In the country of controls, where to get even small nominal amounts, you have to submit folders, prove you are alive, got to the bank two or three times, get a ticket, get receipts, use only your credit card, except for small cash amounts, but some flunky is given over half a million euros to “carry”, like a drug mule, through the Maiquetia airport, the airport where you can get drugs out, only if you are exporting over a Ton a time, but not smaller amounts.

Same as with cash.

But just like you can not export drugs, it is illegal to export large amounts of cash, even if you are a Chavista. Except it seems as if cash is king for Chavistas. Remember Antonini? He was also above the law.

But somehow for Chavismo, it is one thing to be a member of PSUV, a Chavista, or you and me. This Government is all about discrimination. This Government is all about creating two classes of people. It is about having laws that apply to others, but not to you. Because they are the all powerful Government.

Except Bulgaria is not Venezuela, the same way that Argentina was not Venezuela, even if Antonini’s plane was chartered by PDVSA.

And these are the cases in which they get caught, imagine how many there are where nothing happens. Nobody gets caught. A million euros, two million euros? For Chavismo, the sky is the limit.

I mean, the country does not even have a Comptroller, just some flunky who is a member of PSUV and nobody knows her name. (I think it is a she). Becuase Chavismo does not one to appoint anyone who is not loyal to them.

Nobody is watching, Bolichicos y Bolichicas, take advantage of it.

Meanwhile, pendejos y pendejas (Buddies of mine). Fill out your forms. Hand in your folders. Travel. Spend you money wisely and legally. Hand in your receipts. Get ready to be suspended. Remember you are second class, even if you comply, they may still jail you. You are guilty until proven innocent.

You are just not a Chavista, sorry!