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Venezuela Creates Vice Ministry For Supreme Happiness

October 25, 2013


In the latest move by the Maduro Government, the Vice-Presidency for the Supreme Social Happiness of of the Venezuelan people was created this week. While many have laughed at the idea, I disagree. I think this office was badly needed and will play an important role in celebrating life in Venezuela and making its citizens happy.

While there have been no details as to what the office will do, I can think of so many ways that it can celebrate and promote the happiness of all Venezuelans, particularly by pointing out happy events around the country, of which there are so many.

As an example, the Vice-Ministry could make sure to interview on TV anyone who managed to buy a package of corn flour, which has become one of the supreme moments of any Venezuelan’s life in the the last few months. And even if you think that finding toilet paper is another such happy moment, the Vice-Ministry could celebrate not only the finding of the roll of toilet paper by those citizens that lacked it, but more importantly recreate the moment of supreme happiness that represents using it for the first time after not having any for a while.

Since happiness is relative, imagine how happy someone that survives an express kidnapping is, another area where the Vice-Ministry is likely to have a strong participation.

It is unclear what the budget for the Vice-Ministry is, but there is some overlap in what it will do. For example, if you manage to get a new passport, should that be paid by the new Ministry, given the happiness that the moment will provide, or should it still be paid by the Ministry of the Interior? Same with Cadivi. If you get your foreign currency for travel, given the happiness that this induces in you and your family, should it come out of Cadivi’s budget or the Vice-Ministry?

The range and scope of the new office is so wide, that eventually the Vice Ministry may become the Government, since the role of Government is essentially to try to make the population happy. The danger however, is that the Vice-Ministry may one day join the opposition when it realizes that nothing will make the people happier than the departure of Chavismo from Government.