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When You Thought You Had Heard Everything About Corruption In Venezuela

October 17, 2013


Yes, I have been traveling, but I have also been swamped with work, which happens a lot when traveling. But besides these factors, I just don’t want to be repetitive about what is going on in Venezuela. Everything just seems to be going downhill non stop. But if I thought I had heard everything about corruption, today the Minister for Sports tells us that her signature was faked in sixty files to request foreign currency for traveling sportsmen. Amazingly enough, a single “athlete” was given US$ 66 million over a period of a year and a half, according to the Minister.

What this says is that there is simply no control anywhere in Venezuela. If a single (and lowly) Minister’s signature can be faked and someone can obtain US$ 66 million illegally, imagine what a Minister of Finance or a Minister of Energy can sign for without anyone checking!

Even worse, is the ethical deterioration in that Ministry and among the “athletes”, including the Minister. Because she wants to protect the names of the people involved in order to “respect them as athletes”.

Say what?

These are people that faked signatures, newspaper clippings, trophies in order to rob the Venezuela people and she wants to respect them?

The only respect they deserve is jail. And the Minister should be fired for allowing this to happen. And the Comptroller of the Ministry too.

This is simply an insult to the average Venezuelan who is given a few hundred dollars after dozens of requests, checks and the like, while the Bolideportistas and the Boliestafadores can get anything they want. If Maduro wants to fight corruption, the first thing he will have to do is fire everyone around him and try to find someone within Chavismo that is still honest, which may be a tall task in itself given the immorality that this news represents.