October 18, 2002

Dr. William F. Pepper
International Human Rights Seminar
Centre for Socio-Legal Studies
Oxford University

Dear Sir,
         I am still waiting a proper response to a letter I sent on October
16th to Mr Ranty Islam, I presume a spokeman of your Centre, asking to make
public and post on your web site, the apology that Centre for Socio Legal
Studies had sent me. I consider that the private communication issued is
totally insuficient in view of the fact that the Centre for Socio-legal
studies had publicly offended me by posting on your web site an slanderous
statment accusing me of having impersonated the condition of Professor of
Latin American Studies of the University of Cambridge, a post that it is
known I held during the academic year 1994. Thus, once more, I demmand the
satisfaction that I have requested as a matter of justice by copying below
the abovementioned letter.
         Yours sincerely,
         Jaime Requena, Sc.D. (Cantab)
         former Professor of Latin American Studies of Cambridge University

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