An anti-Democratic refrendum in the US

November 2, 2002

Via my friends at Siflay Hraka I learn that the anti-war movement in the US is proposing to hold a very undemocratic referendum. Referenda are supposed to have clear cut questions with Yes-No answers that the electorate can decide on easily. Here is their question to try to stop the war in Iraq:

The U.S. Congress did not represent me when it voted to authorize George W. Bush to carry out an illegal war against Iraq.

Thousands will die needlessly unless the people stop this war drive. I join with millions of people who believe that the $200 billion planned for war against Iraq should be spent instead to fund jobs, education, housing, health care, child care, assistance to the elderly and to meet people’s needs.”

I guess by saying YES all you do is join those that believe in that.  I thought that the Chavez Government was bad enough but this guys are actually worse, maybe they could advise each other. The question being proposed by the opposition for a possible refrendum is very simple:

Do you agree in asking the President of the Republic, Hugo Chavez Frias that he should immediately resign?

Couldn’t be simpler….


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