Bolivarian low lifes

November 2, 2002

Hugo Chavez created the so-called Bolivarian circles two years ago, claiming they would be civil organizations that would do social and community work. With time, the opposition has accused these Bolivarian circles as being paramilitary groups who would be used to violently defend the Chavez presidency if necessary. In the past, they have taken over the surroundings of the presidential palace, Puente el Llaguno (a bridge in downtown Caracas from which the shots that killed most of the people that died on April 11th. were fired) and attempted to take over a university. Bolivarian circles have also attacked a number of opposition politicians and have rioted, for example, when the Supreme Court made its decison on the Generals that refused to obey orders on April 11th. Despite this, Chavez and his collaborators defend them as peaceful organizations.

That these circles are low life’s was demonstrated tonight. Mohamed Merhi, the father one a high school student shot to death on April 11th. declared himslef in hunger strike two days ago in front of the Supreme Court. His protest was over the fact that it is the Court that has to investigate the charges of Crimes agaisnt humanity agaisntt President Chavez for the deaths on Aoril 11th. However, the  Court has delayed the case and the Attorney General has made many manuevers that have delayed the case, so no investigation has been made.

Mr. Merhi, a small framed quiet guy, has been staying for two days in front of the Supreme Court with freinds and sympathizers of his cause. Well, today the Bolivarian Circles arrived in front of the court. They began by insulting Mr. Merhi, but the situation turned violent and the National Guard had to use tear gas to disperse the crowd Mr. Merhi tried to seek refuge in the Supreme Court building but the National Guard did not allow him to do it. As he was rejected, he was gassed and injured by stones thrown by the despicable members of the bolivarian circles, there have been shots fired but no injuries from handguns. At this time the police have surrounded the building and Mr. Merhi says he will not be intimidated by the circles and his hunger strike will continue.

What the Bolivarian Circles have done tonight is a despicable and cowardly act that shows what low lifes they are. Tomorrow that other low life called Hugo Chavez and his Vice President will appear on TV condenming the attack, but they are the fathers of this monster called the Bolivarian Circles. The international press or human rights organizations will say little about this hedious act. To me Mr. Merhi is the embodiment of the tragedy of this country and the hypocrisy of the Chavez Government.

When things like this happen, I want someone to come up to me and justify that Chavez should stay because he was democratically elected. As I always say: So was Hitler!

(In another despicable subject, the second in command of the office of the People’s Defender, who defends only the Government, criticized Mr. Merhi for pressuring the Supreme Court. There are no words to qualify this statement)


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