US warns Government on elections, Gaviria offers wide ranging proposal

November 29, 2002

In a very terse statement the US Government appears to be sending a clear message to the Chavez administration that the electoral road can not be blocked the way it has been in the last few days:

“The United States reiterates its full support for the efforts of OAS Secretary General Cesar Gaviria to facilitate a peaceful, democratic, constitutional, and electoral solution to Venezuela’s ongoing political crisis. We note the strong statements of support for the Secretary General’s mission issued recently by OAS member states and the chairman of the OAS Permanent Council.

We express our concern about provocative and unnecessary actions that imperil the national dialogue process. We call on all parties to exercise responsibly their democratic rights and authority, and to refrain from actions that would violate the Inter-American Democratic Charter.

It is incumbent upon all parties to support Secretary General Gaviria, return to the dialogue table, and fashion a means by which the sovereign voice of the Venezuelan people can be heard through their votes

Clearly the Chavez administration is now losing the image war internationally as  its efforts to block the referendum have revealed the true nature of the Government.

Separately, Globovision is reporting that Secretary General of the OAS Cesar Gaviria has presented tonight to both the Government and the opposition a wide ranging proposal which includes withdrawal of the intervention of the Metropolitan police by the Government, election of the new Electoral Council, review of the electoral register and the cancellation of the indefinite general strike which had been planned for Monday. Why all of a sudden there is so much progress might simply be due to evidence that the strike would be extremely succesful.

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