Another Venezuelan blog, this on a blow by blow account of Chavez and his actions

December 1, 2002

Well, blogging is extending fast to Venezuela, I just discovered another Venezuelan blog called Caracas Chronicles, “A blow-by-blow account of the twists and turns of Chávez Era Venezuela” so readers will be able to have diferent views although so far, much like most Venezuelans in the opposition, we are in total synch. Welcome Francisco Toro, very well written and informative blog! I think I will add you to Resistance Links rather than Venezuelan blogs.

I particularly like this paragraph from a recent entry in Caracas Chronicles::

“Electoral coup.

Swirl it around your head a few times. What, exactly, does it mean? Rangel is really starting to sound like a parody of himself – his P.R. strategy of labeling anything and everything the opposition does as a coupsterie coup-plotting coupetie coup coup coup has driven him right up to a reductio ad absurdum cliff-edge, and he’s just kept on driving, Thelma & Louise style, into the logical chasm”

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