Country tense

December 5, 2002

The city and the country were tense as the Government essentially has completely militarized the headquarters of PDVSA. Groups of Chavez’ supporters have surrounded the building since 2 AM and now completely suround it. This basically stops the contingency plan as nobody has access to the PDVSA headquarters. Many rumors of possible attempts on Altamira Square, where dissident military have been for over a month. The opposition march that was to go from PDVSA-Chuao to its headquarters has not started as there are fears that there could be violence.  

Separately, the merchant marine claims that all tankers have ceased operations, while threats that the tankers that are blocking the navigation channel of Lake Maracaibo would be taken over by the military have yet to materialize. Reportedly, the military has refused to follow the order.

In the end the oposition march did not take place for fears of violence and they simply stayed put at the starting place of the march. The dissident military in Altamira Square claim the Government wants to justify taking action and declaring a state of emergency.

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