Things getting out of hand

December 5, 2002

There have been many reports that the oil industry is running out of steam with fewer shipments and technical problems at refineries due to the lack of personnel. To complicate matters even further the crew of oil tanker “Pilin Leon” decided tonight to join the strike and anchor right in the navigation channel of Lake Maracaibo where the largest fraction of Venezuela’s oil production is located. The crew claims that by now five other ships have joined them, while the Ministry of Defense has activated the “Alcatraz Plan” to gain control of the ships. The action by the naval officers is in my opinion, excessive, but it is one more example to the explosive situation facing Venezuela.

Meanwhile, in an upper middle class neighborhood of Caracas, pot-bangers went to the home of the Commander of the National Guard where they were met by excessive use of force, once again. Things may be getting out of hand, when this is happening over and over again. Once again, the Guard was overstepping the bounds of what may be considered reasonable as they are using chemicals to repress people as it was the most natural thing in the world. Clearly, the leaders of these Guards do not even know what human righst are about. I certainly hope Human Rights organizations pay attention, but somehow I am very skeptical. The last few months have proven to me that we Venezuelans have to solve our problems on our own, as these international organizations have too many vested interests to really say what they think.

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