Lots of Confusion, PDVSA shut down

December 7, 2002

There seems to be mostly confusion. The Government after saying after the shootings that it would sit on the negotiating table at 10 PM, never showed up. There is a rumor that one of the Chiefs of Staff, General Garcia Montoya,  has been jailed for refusing to obey orders to implement “Plan Avila” the repressive plan for civilian control which has been questioned by Human Rights organizations.

PDVSA appears to have shutdown by now. Tank trunks are not being filled at this time and all refineries are completly shut down. Commercial docks have also been shut down, including La Guaira and Puerto Cabello, through which most imported goods flow.

Last night Hugo Chavez said things were going back to normal(??) and the ships at sea would be recovered during the night, which did not take place.

There are two marches today. One, already in progress, is pro-Chavez and goes downtown, while the second one, by the opposition goes at 2 PM from “Meritocracy Square” to Petare in the extreme East of the city. Symbolically, Petare is a barrio which only two years ago fully supported Hugo Chavez.

An armed person with a gun and five packs of bullets has just been captured in Altamira square. Despite the call for people not to go back to Altamira, the plaza is fairly crowded for this time of day. Early in the morning there were two shootings at the plaza, one from a car and one from a motorcycle. People are outraged with what happened last night.

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