A view from the outside

December 10, 2002

I subscribe to a single investment newsletter, the one written by Don Hays I not only find it useful, but it is also honest and very insightful. When Venezuela was mentioned twice in the newsletter I wrote to Don and he actually mentioned this site in his newsletter. Yesterday, he mentioned it, once again, and I think it is interesting, particularly for us Venezuelans to read his view on how important our battle has become:

“The strangest thing about human nature is that so often this massive restructuring of a country or a world is not made without tremendous unrest and almost always a bloody struggle as those that refuse to admit their “failed” policies, do everything in their power to hold on to power. That is certainly the way it looks to me now in Venezuela and Iran, two countries that are striking and being attacked by the “failed” regimes of those countries. My heart goes out to those that are having to suffer, but unless my vision is totally clouded, their suffering and battle will set the stage for the reinvigoration of these nations to greatly increase the freedom and Democracy for their children, grandchildren and off-springs for many decades to come. I cited this link to you on Friday, but if you want to follow the progress of the Venezuela situation from one of those brave dissidents that is a subscriber of mine in that country, you can do so on this link: http://blogs.salon.com/0001330/ I don’t personally know this gentleman, but the on-the-spot news is refreshing in that it hasn’t gone through the media or government filter. It is the emotions of the man on the street in that “

So keep those thoughts in mind when things get tough!

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