More Justice

December 10, 2002

-A judge in Carabobo state ruled that the Government and the National Guard, could not go into private companies and takeover property as this violates the Constitution. The decision applies in four central states but has legal implications nationwide. The Chavez Governemnt issued a decree that allows the Ministry to take over private property to reestablish gasoline supplies.

-The Supreme Court ruled that it could not grant an injunction banning the Feb. 2nd. referendum because it was not a Constitutional issue but an electoral one and the should go to the electoral hall to clear the matter.

-The Electoral Hall of the Supreme Court composed of eight of the twenty justices of the Court announced today that it would not work due to the violent atmosphere and the persecution against them. The Hall said it would only work on urgent issues. This news was actually reported in some international agencies as if the opposition was the one at fault, but the latest Associated Press cable has it right:

“Eight of the 20 judges on Venezuela’s Supreme Court suspended work Tuesday to protest what they called political harassment from the government during the opposition’s crippling general strike against President Hugo Chavez”

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