Tal Cual dennounces negligence in massacre investigation

December 11, 2002

Caracas’ afternoon newspaper Tal Cual carries today a number of interesting stories on the massacre at Plaza Altamira, I will summarize mostly what the front page editorial says:

Petkoff, Tal Cual’ Editor, suggests there is something strange going on in the investigation. Tal Cual points out that the assasin that was captured already confessed, but the police have been negligent at investigating the man’s past life. It points out that the newspaper found out a lot about the man’s life by visiting places he lived, where the police have yet to go. It also notes that the asassin had a lifestyle, including guns and cars, beyond his salary as a waiter.

While the Government has accused the opposition of hiring the gunman, it has yet to explain how one person managed to kill three and injure 28 by himself. Chavez himself showed the man’s passport on his Sunday TV program, which had a stamp indicating the man arrived from Portugal the morning of the shootings. However,  a Portuguese newspaper reports the man has not been in that country for six months. In any case, the President can not interfere in such an investigation, for him to have the passport is not only a conflict of interest, but it also indicates how easily it would be to simply stamp it too!!

One of the saddest things is that much like in April, Venezuelans are not even scandalized by such a situation. Since Chavez controls all powers, there is no outcry from the Attorney General to investigate the shootings, much like what happened in April. The same can be said about the National Assembly, where decency among Chavez’ Deputies appears to be a word that only exists in the dictionary. And we wait, as Chavez says, right now, on TV that he feels very good. About what? What a cynic! What a criminal!

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