Who reports from Venezuela for the BBC?

December 11, 2002

This is from the BBC about the violence two nights ago:

“The decision by the Venezuelan president’s supporters and opponents to attack each other’s media outlets highlights the key role played by the media in the ongoing crisis.

Mr Chavez’s opponents were reported to have fired shots at the building of state-run Venezolana de Television in Caracas on Monday.

At the same time, his supporters surrounded the offices of private television channel Globovision in the western state of Zulia, seen as staunchly opposed to the leftist-populist president, well into the small hours of Tuesday”

Now, as far as I know there is no proof that there was an attack on VTV (the Government’s TV station), this was said by the Vice-President after Chavez’ supporters attacked media outlets across the country. Shots were only mentioned the next day, but no evidence has been shown to the media of this. I went by VTV after the attack on Globovision and except for a family group pot-banging half a block away, did not see much there. Chavez’ supporters did not surround Globovision in Zulia State, they actually took it over and destroyed furniture and equipment. The Caracas Globovision was surrounded and shot at, which somehow did not make it into the report, as well as the presence of Deputies from Chavez’ party (some trying to calm the crowd, others not). BBC makes no mention of the Maracay TV station which was also ransacked. Why does the BBC reporter do such a terrible job? This is extremely biased to put the violence of the Chavistas on equal footing with the opposition two nights ago.

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