Chavez and the truth

December 22, 2002

A week ago, I heard Hugo Chavez say in a very sweeping statement that he had ordered commanders and Governors, not to listen to the Courts whenver they contradicted his decrees. I not only heard it, but all newspapers covered it in the same way, Tal Cual even used it the next day in its headline saying “Being Crazy” with a picture of the President and the same statement everyone heard. Well, today President Chavez wanted to change history saying the media distorts what he says and a comment he made about a judge in Maracaibo, was completely misrepresented. He denied ever saying that or doing it. Interestingly enough, the Court cases that Chavez was referring to that day had nothing to do with a judge in Maracaibo, they dealt with a decision by a control judge in Carabobo state and a decision by the First Circuit Administartive Court of Caracas, one of the best respected Courts in the country. Such is Mr. Chavez’ virtual world!

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