Peace, Truce and Detentions

December 24, 2002

While the Chavez Government calls for a truce and peace on Christmas Eve, it has now jailed 90 members of the merchant marine for joining the General strike, has fired 90 managers of PDVSA and the Red Cross is trying to obtain authorization from the Venezuelan military to give medical assistance to some crew members on the striking ships. What a nice way of saying Merry Christmas!

The Chavez Administartion keeps saying that things will be back to normal soon, but oil production stands at less than 200,000 barrels a day and the President of Pdvsa has acknowledged that PDVSA has collapsed while saying it will be recovered. In the era of knowledge is power, Mr. Rodriguez plans to get PDVSA moving with untrained people, such is the folly of revolutionaries that believe turning a society into a primitive one is the way to design a new one.

Meanwhile, for the opposition, the rallying cry is not Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, but:


May you all find peace, freedom and happiness on Christmas!!

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