Confusion over identity of Venezuelan man arrested at Gatwick airport

February 18, 2003

Last week, a Venezuelan man was detained at Gatwick airport with a live grendae in his suitcase. Venezuelan police said today that the man was carrying a fake national ID card as the local identification office said the number and the name of the man detained do not coincide with their records. Reportedly the number was a 1978 number issued in 1990 and was handed out by an official fired for corruption.  To make the matter even more confusing, the man’s family said his capture was in error as they don’t consider him the type to be carrying such an artifact, but he left when he was 20 (he is now 37) to teach Islam and they haven’t heard from him since about two and a half years ago. However, the man boarded the British Airways plane in Caracas and gave a local address to British authorities. Neighbors said that the house has been empty for a while. Sounds strange overall, maybe he is not even that person.

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