For once international opinion is clear cut

February 20, 2003

The events of the last few days have, for once, been reported fairly in the international press and created a strong reactions at all levels. The US Government expressed its concern over the detention of Carlos Fernandez. As I said last night, even Human Rights Watch which has been somewhat timid in criticizing the Chavez administartion was even forcefull yesterday over the deaths of three military officers that were murdered this weekend. Even the infanous New York Times placed a headline that said ” Venezuelan Strike Leader arrested” I would have preffered oppsoition, but for the NYT, its an improvement. Our friend Andy at the Financial Times, did his usual good job, apparently earlier than customary!

Meanwhile in our own blog world, which clearly reports things first and propagates them quickly, Glenn` Reynolds of Instpundit covered and updated the events, wishfully in response to my e-mail, but he seems to be on top of things anyway. He doubled it up by covering it in his MSNBC site, in what may be the best short article on why Cahvez has turned intoa  Dictator and Dictator’s in general. Meanwhile our friend at lookbackinanger, continues to understand the importance and relevance of what is happening in my country and discusses it amply (and generously to me!). Scott at Burton Terrace is always on top of things here, while Brazilian valetefrates also pays attention to us on this incredibly tense and stressful day.

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