The criminal and Chavista past of Judge Maikel Moreno who ordered the detention of opposition leaders

February 22, 2003

The judge who ordered the detention of opposition leaders Carlos Fernandez and Carlos Ortega said yesterday (El Nacional, page A-2), that he was not pro-Chavez or anti-Chavez, he was apolitical. Well, the picture below shows in a red circle Judge Maikel Moreno on April 11th. 2002, among the pro-Chavez crowd that was waiting for the anti-Chavez march right before 19 people were killed that day. Note the stones on the hands of the people around him. What was he doing there, research? The man on the left is Chavez’ MVR Deputy Juan Barreto

But there is more to the history of Mr. Moreno

1987- As a member of the intelligence police he is found guilty of homicide and sent to jail.

1990- Released from jail

1990- Weeks after being released, he finds a position in a Court.

2002- Is seen with Chavista Deputies during the disturbances of April 11th.

May 2002- The Head of Chavez MVR in Caracas says the party will provide defense for the gunmen filmed shooting from Puente El Llaguno at the peaceful opposition march. Among the gunmen were an MVR City Councilman and two workers of the same municipality. Then lawyer Maikel Moreno is put in charge of their defense.

September 2002- He is appointed provisional Judge by a Government panel and ratified by the Supreme Court to the position. The law says to become a judge you need to have some form of postgraduate work which Judge Moreno does not have.

February 2003- He orders the two opposition leaders detained despite of the fact that one of the charges is not even in the criminal code. The charges are brought by a prosecutor who is the niece of the Attorney General (Chavez’ first Vice-President) whose area of expertise is not even criminal law.

Is this an independent judicial decision? Ha!

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