US tells Chavez Government Venezuela is unreliable

February 27, 2003

In another Associated Press story, reportedly the US Government told the Minister of Energy and Mines and the President of PDVSA that Venezuela is an unreliable oil supplier due to its political problems.

Now, do you think they really care after they have done to the oil industry? They have fired 17,000 people, ordered the detention of the seven leaders of the oil union and another worker’s organization, unnecessarily reduced the company’s cash flow to one third, hired foreign workers at outrageous salaries (how nationalistic, no?), imported gasoline and stopped all refining in the country, all in the name of the revolution. Do you think they care if the US calls us unreliable?They might even conisidr that an honor.  Only if Cuba called them unreliable they would mind. In fact, Venezuela at no time during the strike has failed to deliver subsidized oil supplies to Cuba, despite the fact that Cuba is not paying. Long live the revolution!

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