El Llaguno shooters freed

April 1, 2003

The two pictures above were taken last April 11th. You can see the armed people on this overpass called Puente Llaguno, there was a peaceful opposition march going underneath the bridge.  You can see a number of guys shooting at the march, all of them later identified and jailed, most of them employees of the pro-Chavez municipality where the events took place and one of them (Shooting behind the wall in the picture on the right) a city councilman. By the time the shooting was over, there were 19 dead (from both sides) and dozens of injured.

Those seen in the pictures above were the only people jailed for the murders and injuries that day. A judge released them once and the Supreme Court ordered them detained again. Today, a Judge in Aragua State ordered them freed, dismissing all charges, except illegal use of weapons. So, after 355 days, the police, the Government and our criminal justice system do not have a single suspect of who shot these people. This happens on the same day that our Foreign Minsiter rejects a State Department report saying human rights are not violated in Venezuela. I wonder what the 19 dead and those injured think about this cynical statement.

(Pictures bowrrowed from Carlanga.com, who analyzed a sequence of these pictures to demonstrate that these people were not defeneding themselves as they claimed and who re-analyzed the interpretation of them by french newspaper Le Monde Diplomatique). By the way. I have always loved the defense “we were shooting to protect ourselves”. The guy on the bottom left, “just happened” to be walking around downtown Caracas with his rifle in a case and a handgun……just in case?

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