Pictures of Amuay explosion

November 5, 2003


These are scanned B&W pictures of the results of the explosion at the Amuay refinery that PDVSA has been trying to downplay, calling it a “routine” accident. The explosion resulted in the complete destruction of the main electrical distribution system in the refinery. According to someone who knows the plant: They have electrical power but no way to distribute, because the explosion destroyed the synchronization bar #4 and the machine bars 11,12 and 13 which implies that the turbo generators 16 and 18 are out of operation and the interconnection with IPP too. This implies that the CRAY, FNC/TAME, CHP, Desmi3, Suay 3, MA, GLAY and other I cant remember which used to feed from BS4, plant 5 was also fed from here. What surprises me is that this is all far from the dangerous areas. In 16 years working in electrical systems and 13 designing and operating them in the Amuay substations, I never saw anything like it”.


Does not sound too routine to me……


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