This is my orchid room/greenhouse

November 16, 2003

People ask what my orchid room/greenhouse looks like. Well, since most readers are from the US or Canada, this will not help much in their growing. Caracas is  3000 feet above sea level. Temperatures year around go from 60 F to no more than 95 F. Humidity is not too high and is usually above 50%, but gets into the 30-40% level in the dry season (March-May). Thus my greenhouse is open air, no walls. I live in an apartment and the greenhouse is on  the terrace. You can see it in the picture below

You can see it’s very simple, a metallic structure holds a tempered glass roof that has chicken wire inside. I have curtains on two sides to prevent the sun from hitting the plants directly during the day, there is a wall on another side and is open air in the side where the sun goes up in the morning. (In the picture one curtain is up) I have plants on tables, hanging, as well as on the wall on the side, depending on the watering or shade conditions each plant prefers. In the forefront you can see two huge Grammatophyllums as well as my doberman “Chupeta”.

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