Vice-President loses his cool, CNE tells military not to intervene

November 29, 2003

I did not see it, but there are reports that the Vice-President held a press conference with foreign corrrespondents in which the reporters were quite tough on him. Vice-President Rangel called the signature collection by the opposition a “mediatic show” yesterday and apparently tried to convey the same message to the foreign correspondents who had actually visited barrios to see the long lines both yesterday and today. Apparently the correspondents took Rangel to task on this and other issues to the point that the Government’s TV station stopped broadcasting the press conference. While I am not sure exactly the words Rangel used, he stated something like “this is not an election” adding ” I have to accept that 40% of Venezuelans have signed against President Chavez…..

Separately, the Consejo Nacional Electoral also took to task the armed forces saying that they were in charge of mantaining the peace and the logistics of delivering the material, but they were not to take charge of the forms already signed by the people. Once again, General Gutierrez, the same fascist that brutally gassed unarmed civilians last Dec. 3, 2002, has been overstepping his power in Zulia state attempting to take over electoral material and intimidating people. His name will not be forgotten…

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