Chavez says petition drive is a Megafraud

November 30, 2003

President Hugo Chavez went out to an open air market (guaranteeing attendance) and called the petition drive by the opposition a “Megafraud”. Chavez also said that the process was highly irregular and asked his supprters to defend the revolution. All of this clearly violates the electoral regulations, since the process does not end until tomorrow. But we are used to Chavez being above the law. The same “Megafraud” word was used by the President of the National Assembly according to the news briefs of El Universal. This makes it clear that the strategy of the Government will be to question the validity of the signatures. Chavez must be concerned, it had been a long time since he had mingled with his “people” in such spontanoues fashion. Tal Cual Editor Teodoro Petkoff took the President to task for his appearance and his statements. Petkoff also appeared today in an interview in the papers today saying that the losers of this process better admit their defeat right away.


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