A denial from the horses mouth

October 6, 2004

Minister of Information Andres Izarra may be doing too many things now that he is in Caracas, compared to his quiet and efficient days in Washington DC where he had all day to think of new ways to make the opposition look bad. Well, today he said that Eva Golinger had shown that Sumate had received US$ 23 million from the US Government. But Alek Boyd was on top of the story and none other than Eva Golinger herself strongly denies the accusation directly:

“Boyd: I never said that no have I presented information a such. USAID has given approximately $25 million to political activities, but up until now, the only information pertaining to Súmate is the NED $53,400 grant and the USAID $84,480 grant. I have never stated otherwise nor am I responsible for other’s misstatements.”


Well Eva, in the revolution two or three extra zeroes are simply a roundoff error.


Curiously, in today’s Sumate ad in the local papers, Sumate says it has only received US$ 31.120 from the National Endowment for Democracy.


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