Regionals look very bleak at this point

October 6, 2004

I don’t get discouraged easily, but I will not post much today because I am extremely discouraged. I have felt all along that the opposition had to go to the regional elections no matter what, but today I feel that we are simply like cattle going to the slaughterhouse:

It turns out that 1.8 million people don’t have an address or a correct address in the national electoral registry as required by law. The CNE’s response? We have no formal complaint about this. But the new command of opposition Governors and Mayors says that they have made the accusation before and were promised that the full registry with addresses would be handed over to them…yesterday.


Meanwhile, the “new” CNE is functioning with three pro-Chavez members and one opposition member as authorities have refused to allow Ezequiel Zamora alternate to occupy her position because…they don’t like her.


Meanwhile, Tulio Alvarez says it’s illegal to hold elections on October 31st. according to the electoral law. But …who can enforce the law in an autocracy?


And the Supreme Court admits an injunction against the results of the August 15th. recall vote, which I am sure was made …to distract us.


I can feel Forero’s headline on Nov. 1st: Venezuela backs Chavez, 90% of all Governors and Mayors elected yesterday support him. Of course, I am being an optimist, it will likely be 100% of Governors and 95% of Mayors, why bother with less if the fix is in?


Go Red Sox! They have a better chance than we do and they have Bambino’s curse and have not won since 1918.


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