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Chavez says socialism is the way during May Day celebrations

May 1, 2005

Still intoxicated from his visit to Cuba Hugo Chavez today hailed “socialism” during his speech at the May Day march organized by his party. In that sense, it was a May Day march in the best Stalinist style, as union workers held a parallel march as the Government organized the one at which Chavez spoke.

The man who has always been careful with words about where he is going, got carried away a few times after assuring the crowd that Venezuela “will not follow the development model of the capitalist north, the industrialized north”

Quoting him verbatim he said:

“I remind you we don’t want to be rich…we are not here to pretend the impossible, to pretend the perversion that some want to copy the development model of the industrialized capitalist north, we are not going in that direction, we are going towards a dignified society that will include all of us, where there will be no misery, where nobody will be excluded and where we all live in dignity. We don’t one want to be rich, it is bad to be rich, people tend to pervert themselves and tend to lose the essential values of the human being”

He was very specific in stating “This message is not aimed at those that follow the Bolivarian revolution”

In the same speech Chavez did get carried away saying that the Cuban revolution vibrates at the same rhythm as the Bolivarian revolution, adding” Long live the Cuban revolution! Long live the Venezuelan revolution! He later showed he reads the polls in which 90% of Venezuelans reject the Cuban model, by saying he does not pretend to copy the model of the Cuban revolution.

Chavez has been giving emphasis in the last few weeks at jump starting bankrupt companies that have been shut down by their owners by expropriating them without any compensation and before the steps followed in the Constitution are followed. This is a very dangerous game as workers are being lent money to own companies in difficult sectors of the economy. The Government has already expropriated a paper and valve company and Chavez today promised to follow up this week with a textile company.

In today’s speech Chavez said that there was no “third way” for the Venezuelan economy, something he had talked about for a couple of years. He has also said he is a Maoist, a catholic, an evangelist, a socialist, Che Guevara is his idol. Of Marxism he has said : “I am not a Marxist, but I am not an anti-Marxist. I am not a communist, but I am not anti-communism”..”I am not left-wing, I am not right-wing…I am Bolivarian”

But nothing like what he said yesterday (stolen from Babalublog!), when he did some stand up comedy:

“I have not returned, nor do I think about returning again, until the people of the United States liberate that nation,” said Chavez, saying that Americans are “oppressed” by their government and U.S. media.

Yeah!Yeah! I bet he does not dare to stop exporting oil until that Nation is liberated, what would he do without the money!


Lots of new Flowers (All species)!!

May 1, 2005

Flowers are really coming out now. It is Laelia Purpurata time
again, the Queen of teh Brazilian Laelias. Above two of these wonderful
flowers. More to come in the weeks ahead!

Left: Cattleya Aclandie, also a species from Brazil, very frangrant..
Right: A plant I took from my aunt’s house when she died, I have no
idea what it is, I think it is a Coleogyne, its frangrance is not very
nice, smells like overheated car brakes.

Cyrrpetalum Pulchilatum on the left and Oncidium Ansiferum

Crumenatum on the left, each flower is about ahlf an inch in size. On
the right the tiny flowers of Stelis Argentata. Each flowers is maybe 2
mm. in size.