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Chavez ordered Tascon to get Chavez’ list, Court admits suit

May 19, 2005

The Venezuelan Supreme Court admitted a suit against Deputy Luis Tascon on the same day the list officially became Chavez’ list, substituting Tascon’s name in it. As can be seen in the document below on January 30 2004, President Hugo Chavez sent a letter to the then President of the Electoral Board Francisco Carrasquero and authorizing Deputy Tascon to take with him the copies of the petition submitted by the opposition to request a recall referendum against President Hugo Chavez. This petition formed the basis for what had been known as Tascon’s list, but was clearly a direct order from the President himself. Moreover on Feb 1 2004, Chavez said in his Sunday program Alo Presidente :” I signed a few days ago an order asking for copies of all of the forms handed in by the opposition”.

Thus, the suit can now be extended to Chavez himself. Tascon tried today to defend himself by saying that he did what he did to stop a massive fraud, which was never shown, despite two rounds by the CNE to try to stop the recall process by inventing new rules. Where is the Attorney General in all this? This is noticia criminis which he should not, but will surely ignore. Will the former President of the CNE who happens to be now a Justice of the Constitutional Hall of the Venezuelan Supreme Court abstain? Or will he act with his usual bias and partiality?