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The intellectual class has given an extraordinary national lesson

May 2, 2005

I was slowly translating the interview with Adriano Gonzalez Leon in yesterday’s El Nacional, but I just discovered that Guillermo had done the translation. Thanks! Obligatory reading from one of the giants.


Here are the proofs, Isaias by Teodoro Petkoff

May 2, 2005

Here are the proofs,
Isaias by Teodoro Petkoff in today’s Tal

We have received a
document that could shed new light in the fight against discrimination and
political segregation. It could be an x-ray of the criollo McCarthyism, of
tropical Stalinism.

More than an X-ray, it is
a description of its physiology.

It is the payroll file for
Fogade, whose aseptic and bureaucratic title “Situation of employees and
workers of Fogade as of 4-30-2004”, presides a political classification of
each and everyone of the hundreds of workers of that public institution,
according to the degree of adhesion or rejection of Chavismo.

In the first page,
numbered from 1 to 6, the following gradation is established:”hard
chavista”,”light chavista”, “neither nor”
“radical political opposition” and “light opposition”. Next
to each of the names of the 566 employees and the 46 workers a “little
number” was placed which places him or her in one of the categories
already described. But there is more, Tascón’s list was used for a second
“classification “, 220 of the 566 workers have next to their names
the letter “R” or “C” or both and 8 of the 46 workers are
also marked with the same “little letters”

“R” means recall
referendum and “C” is the initial for “Consultative
Referendum”. That is, those that made up the classification did not only
inquire about the political inclination of each worker but making use of the
infamous list, they also established who had signed or not the petitions
against Chávez. From this payroll, with the exception of the personnel that can
be freely appointed or removed, how many were fired, using the application of
McCarthist criteria?. We don’t know, but the Prosecutor should find out who
among those classified 4, 5 and 6 and marked with that sort of Star of David
which are the letters R and C, are no longer working for FOGADE.

The Prosecutor announced
the opening of an investigation about McCarthyism, segregation and political discrimination.
If he means business, we can only hope that the Attorney General/Prosecutor
will consider this document with all seriousness.

We understand, according
to our source, that three copies were originally made from this document. We
believe that the atmosphere of political persecution that has reigned in our
country in the last few months, that Chavez himself had to recognize when he
ordered that Tascón’s list be buried, give this document an important value
from the point of view of evidence for the investigation that the Prosecutor
opened about political discrimination and McCarthyism.